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    What do you want?

    My question is a simple one, What do you want?
    Just anything at all from WoW, i know people will say things like "Make WoW good again." but try to be constructive
    This thread is not to discuss what you think is wrong with the game, just some improvements/additions.
    This thread is also not "What do you want from the next expansion" it is a personal opinion of anything you want added to the game, even if unlikely or impossible.

    Lore/Expansion of lore
    What characters do you want to see more of?
    Where do you want to explore?
    How would you like raids to be?

    Those are just examples if you aren't sure of anything as it is quite a broad subject but i want to hear peoples opinions.[COLOR="red"]
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    I want the US and EU servers to work as one so you can use a single account to play on both and transfer from one to the other.
    If you have 2 or more account, all the toon are accessible on each account. So if you have account A and B you can log on 2 toons from A or 2 toons from B or 1 from A and 1 from B
    I want heirloom items to be a type of conjured item that once you obtain one it can be accessed by any toon on your Battle.net account.
    I want it for every 2 max level toon you have on a server you can fast track 1 new toon to the max level of the previous expansion.
    I want a purely death match battleground, first team to X number of kills wins. It would be separate from Battlegrounds and Arenas.
    Side kicking, you can scale down your gear/stats to a lower level player so you can run dungeons with them.

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    Just to get the ball rolling

    Tuskarr as playable race
    Tinkerer as class
    More lore focus on Titans and Old Gods, maybe another adventure with Brann
    Darker nights
    Playable races model updates (thank god thats coming)
    Massive story arc involving Bolvar fighting his corruption but for once in the Warcraft universe not yeilding to it.

    Just a few things off the top of my head

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    Rogues to get a warlock style revamp.
    Equal faction story telling.
    The latin realms to crz with themselves not eu and us.
    Darker nights looked cool.
    Lore to be more updated in game.
    And the blood elves to actually do something with the animus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sukhoi View Post
    Rogues to get a warlock style revamp.
    Equal faction story telling.
    The latin realms to crz with themselves not eu and us.
    Darker nights looked cool.
    Lore to be more updated in game.
    And the blood elves to actually do something with the animus.
    I would love to see the rogues get a revamp. I love the idea of their class, but sadly I can't bring myself to play one because they're simply so boring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keakee View Post
    I would love to see the rogues get a revamp. I love the idea of their class, but sadly I can't bring myself to play one because they're simply so boring.
    Well with the old agility warcraft heroes. Theres endless possibilites to model them after

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    All I really want is the race model updates and the ability to transfer heirlooms between servers.

    edit: Oh and more bag space.

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    challenging heroic dungeons that you can que up for, not having to do mindnumbingly easy content to progress to actual challenging content.

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    i want more challenge modes.
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    The complete separation of PVP and PVE abilities so balance of one is not affected by the other (I HATE PVE nerfs caused by whiny PVP players)
    All classes have access to more than one dungeon role
    All specs have different playstyles (My mage is my main since day one (for me, Dec04) and I am sick of being the Mass Effect 3 ending of WoW)
    Either allow Legendaries to be Transmoged, or have them scale (paying a Valor point cost to bring it to the base ilvl of each current tier)
    The restoration of the Atiesh questlines, as it is the only legendary weapon that is unable to be obtained now.
    Tinker type class (Titan Tech based)
    Armor/Weapon Dyes (there are a lot of models I like, but hate the color)
    Transmog holiday/vanity items (I want to be able to transmog stuff like the Brewmaster Regailia or the Crown of the Fire Festival)
    Hide Shoulder, Belt, Boots, and Bracers along with Cloak/Helm.

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    I saw "darker nights" mentioned and I thought "brighter nights", but that's really because my schedule only permits me to play at night, so I don't get to see zones in the sunlight very often. That said, it would be nice to be able to toggle day/night graphics to some extent, or to pretend another time zone. It would be nice to frolic through the Nagrand lush during the day.

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    What I mainly want - the ability to transfer heirlooms between servers, model updates vanilla races as well as BC and maybe a bit more focus on old god lore.
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    I want Demon Hunter to have a ranged spec a'la D3 DH.
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    OH dear, where to begin. Make it MMO again. Not sure how, at least without losing hordes of lazy people or solo players but a great place to start would be getting rid of battle groups and move everyone from there to a single server. The world has grown big enough with all the expansions and technology has surely improved to handle more players on the same server.

    Then get rid of phasing outside medium or large settlements. It's great in theory and makes your actions have an impact on the world but separates the small amount of people that are actually not sitting around in capitals even more.

    Then get rid of LFG and LFR menus. Make it so you have to actually go to the meeting stones in front of instances to join instead of clicking on some menu. Same with Battlegrounds.

    Add lots and lots of player driven activities like

    -outdoor bosses
    -profitable trading professions, farming rare animals, mobs, instances etc. for useful ingredients that combined with something from raids make great items or actually useful food, potions etc. add enough of them and make them useful enough so players wouldnt be able to easily saturate the market.
    -encourage actually basic level cooperation between people in raids, groups, instances. Just spamming a few buttons and never even having to interact with other players is boring.
    -lower the focus on cosmetic/collector junk, instead make the rare items actually good and wanted.. like rare mount thats 5% faster or another that gives you 20% more health when riding it or gives you a 10 second buff after dismount. Flying mounts are disabled in BGs anyway so it's not like its going to be a balance issue.. besides they could always disable the buffs in PvP.

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    Bring back the RPG in MMORPG.

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    I would like LFR and LFG removed.

    That's about it.

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    I want the updated race models, and some awesome new things for engineering. I know we have our fair share already of cool things, but I'm a greedy little shit.

    For example, Diving Boots - boots that allow you to run along the sea floor in any body of water (similar to what happens in Vashj'ir and 1000 Needles). The spell buffs already exist so it would be pretty easy to do. I'd love to be able to run along the sea floor, explore shipwrecks anywhere, not just those two zones.

    And for a more unrealistic request, an Iron Man-esque 'mount suit'! Could make it really hard to acquire, with recipes for the individual armour pieces granting individual functions that only result in a normal 'flying mount' function when all together. Maybe they could even have the recipes be discovered around the world, in the form of finding the separate armour pieces - a bit like how we have the 'Treasures of Pandaria' atm. The armour could be like,

    Helm = Look far into distance + access to Jeeves interface: bank, mailbox and repair, maybe just on individual CDs
    Chest = Increase to 280%/310% flight/100% run speed in conjunction with boots
    Belt = With boots, allows you to 'instant cast' your flight on an x minute CD
    Gloves = Flight stabilisers - removes CD and time limit on flying
    Boots = 150% flight/60% run speed on their own - for limited time on x seconds CD, removed if gloves are equipped. Also maybe 300% run speed for 3 seconds (rockets boots xtreme basically) on a 5 minute CD, in conjunction with chest.

    Something like that anyway. Could/should probably make them tinkers as opposed to armour pieces - as people obviously would want to be wearing their armour - and when they're activated they could 'unfold' onto your armour (could just be shown by changing your armour look to that of the suit [done during the 'mount' cast time] much like some of the vanity items do).

    It'd be awesome, but I just can't see it happening sadly. I can dream!
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    Take a cue from League of Legends and take steps to reduce the toxic behavior from players. We're getting XBL levels of seriously bad things going on, but we can only report for inappropriate names and cheating. We have someone on our server who does nothing but try to infiltrate guilds and empty out their guild banks. This has been going on for months and he's still in game, so guilds are having to lock everything down. He would be long gone under LoL's system.

    The LoL team hired some psychologists to work out how they could adjust players' behavior. They added a community tribunal system, by which people could report offenders for infractions and see the results later. They also added the ability for banned users to see when they were banned, why, and for how long. The result was a massive reduction in toxic behavior and an improvement in players' experience. What has Blizzard done in the face of this? Absolutely nothing that I can see. The WoW community remains as juvenile and unpleasant as ever, especially on PvP servers, and most of the offenders are never punished for anything.

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