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    About Us:
    We are <Faceless Men> of Bleeding Hollow. We are a brand new Alliance guild looking to start late night raiding. We are building up a 25 man team to quickly get into ToT and get ready for 5.4. Our leadership has experience leading successful guilds in the past and plans to push <Faceless Men> into heroic raiding through Mists and beyond.

    I was GM of <Seraph> of Mal'Ganis from creation the day ToC dropped, until the start of MoP where my schedule made it difficult to continue raiding with them.

    Raid Times:
    Tues/Thurs/Sun 12:30 - 3:30 AM EST. (9:30pm - 12:30am PST)

    We are looking for members who want to raid in a heroic guild and like to stay up late. Our focus will be on 5.2 and the upcoming 5.4 so if you haven't been raiding in MoP for whatever reason, Faceless Men is the place for you!

    For questions you can contact myself, Viseryon, Deazle, or Nymeria.

    We plan to start raiding as soon as we can fill our roster.

    My RealID is Lighto#1954

    Our website is

    Valar Morghulis

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    Hi Chapley,

    I just added you to battlenet & would love to chat. I'm in Divide on Zul'jin. We're currently 11/13 H and are in need of all 3 of the classes you guys have to offer! Check us out at


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    In game iamawesome#1439

    Server: U.S. - Misha

    Mists of Pandaria
    -Tier 15(25): 12/12N 6/13H
    -Tier 14(25): 16/16N 4/16 Heroic
    MV: 6/6 HoF:6/6 ToeS:4/4
    -Tier 13: 8/8 Heroic: 8/8
    -Tier 12: 7/7 Heroic: 2/7
    -Tier 11: 12/12 Heroic: 5/13
    -Tier 10(25): 12/12 Heroic: 9/12


    -Currently Recruiting 1-3 people. Healer or DPS, sorry full on tanks.

    Applications from exceptional players of any class/role are always welcome.

    Raiding Schedule:

    Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday
    5:00pm - 8:30pm PST (Also Server Time)

    Applicant Requirements:

    Solid Attendance: If you are going to miss 20% or more of raids, you need not apply.

    . Forum strat sign offs required so we know that you have looked at the fight.

    · Good Attitude: Positive and respectful attitude with a focus on building up people and the guild.

    · Accept Criticism: We are focused on raiding, accepting criticism is important for progression.

    · Knowledgeable: Applicants should know and play their class well and be up to date on class mechanics.

    · Well Geared: Evidence you have done all you can to properly gear yourself, if you are missing enchants, gems, or most rep rewards do not bother to apply.

    · Hardware/Software: Internet connection and computer that consistently perform well in 25 man raids. Standard raid add-ons: Mumble, DBM, and add-ons appropriate for your class.

    Raider Benefits:

    · EPGP loot system rewards effort, trial rank and above raiders earn EP:

    · Leadership: Official guild raids are lead by knowledgeable people that know all aspects for raids.

    · Raid Environment: No screaming, name calling, or insults. Just solid, straight forward call outs when people need to make changes or improve.

    · Guild Environment: Very social, guild events, lots of theory crafting.

    · Repairs: most raider repairs are covered by a healthy guild bank.

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    Hi there all.

    We might work for you. Check us out.

    Good luck in your search.

    Who is Achievement?

    Achievement was formed over 3 years ago as a 25 man guild on the PvP server Mannoroth. Even with our short,9 hour per week raid schedule, we have consistently been among the top progressed guilds on the server. Led by a solid core of officers, our success will continue.

    At this time, we are opening recruitment for our 25 man raid group. Minimum 515 ilvl is required. If your class is not listed, but feel you are an exceptional player, please apply. Exceptions to these requirements can be made for the right people.

    Our raids are well run and drama free. If you enjoy being yelled at or insulted while playing a game, this is not the place for you. If progression raiding with a great group of people is what you are looking for, I would look no further.

    Current progression- 6/13 Heroic ToT


    Deathknight (dd)- medium
    Druid (balance)- high
    Hunter- low
    Mage- high
    Priest (dd)- medium
    Shaman (restoration)- medium
    Warlock- high

    Raid Schedule:

    All times listed are server time (EST)

    Tuesday, Thursday & Monday 9-12 : Progression Raiding

    In addition to progression raiding, our guild has developed into so much more. Top rated challenge modes, multiple alt runs, pvp nights, and of course, achievement runs are just some of the perks of being part of Achievement.

    Many of our fellow guildies also play many other online games together. Including Final Fantasy, Diablo, Minecraft, and Marvel Hero's. It is never boring around here.

    If you should have any questions or are interested, feel free to contact any of our officers in game or whisper Majora or Spinndrift. Applications can be submitted via our website. Link is at the bottom of the page.

    Guild Master: Draktyr
    Officers: Pandaid, Zko, Babiijc, Launamdruid
    Recruiter: Majora, Spinndrift
    Webmaster: Riokou

    Loot System:

    Loot is handled using the EPGP system, modified with boss kill, on time, and progression raiding time bonuses. It assigns a ratio of gear rewarded per effort and provides guild leadership a tool to accurately assess raid performance.


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    [The Guardians] is a casual guild on the Alleria server. We are currently 2/12 Normal in ToT because of the late start we had. Recently we lost our healers due to time conflicts and are looking to reform (shuffle current members around to other roles ). We are a mature guild so no underage kids please. We enjoy doing older achievements and often form groups throughout the week to get those shiny mounts and titles from previous expansions.

    Raid Time:

    Sunday Night 7:00 - 12:00 (Midnight) CST

    If you are interested or know someone that is please have them contact me in game


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    bump for past decisions

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