as title says

what if next expansion ties in both the emerald dream and the legion since we know xavius was behind the nightmare and and the nightmare was never destroyed.

we got the fey dragon mount which could match the theme

wrathion saying OMG DEMONS ARE COMING!

still could add demon hunters/warden IF! blizz would add a new class

new races being high elf/ogre
*we know blizzard is going add these at some point because they classic races in hot demand so it's only a matter of time*
and naga could be possible to because even chris metzen him self said he wanted to be playable at some point

maybe even two fronts like the dream and outland/argus or maybe even nazjatar because xavius was azsharas most loyal warrior
gives time to build up Anduin even more then make the expansion after that match Velens vision showing him leaving the planet in a light going into the darkness with the horde and the alliance.

which cata kinda did with portals all around the world on different fronts where pandaria was slowly getting farther in

AKA we play defense next expansion then go offensive the one after *aka kill sargeras/kil'jaeden* at lvl 100 because it would be a moment to mark at a 100

and 95 is obviously for next expansion

am i crazy?
on to something?