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    windfury totem was pretty much mandatory in every group, leading to huge shaman rep in raids
    and it satisfied you to be there only for your buffs? I wanted more and I'm glad blizzard later gave the chance to be more to all hybrid dps.

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    Shamans had huge rep in raids cause chain heal was broken, and no, you only needed 1 wind fury totem ;p.
    Enhance was actually dishing really nice damage in addition to giving a tons of buffs to other melee, elemental was so horrible back then.

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    You needed 1 wind fury per party, actually most buffs were party-wise back in TBC. Thats why there were melee parties, with a shaman, feral, warrior, rogue etc.

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    My point is that back then, you needed only 1 wind fury in raid due to raid comps usually only having 1 melee group, not 5. But yes, if you wanted all 5 groups to have wind fury, you'd need 5 shamans, tho that would be largely pointless due to the fact that no one but melee benefited from it.
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