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    Disc 4 piece

    Hey All,

    I read not to long ago that the disc 4 piece is pretty crappy and I'm better off getting the off pieces with crit and mastery on them, while keeping the 2 piece. However, is that only at certain gear levels? Or even in normal ToT is the 2 piece + 3 off pieces better off for Disc?


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    The disc 4p is actually pretty good... usually something like 2-5% of healing, which is way more than you're going to get from swapping in some off pieces (unless you're talking heroic offset vs normal tier)

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    i thought about that but.... only if its Heroic thunderforged in my opinion

    like wuga said its usually about 2-5% healing increase so its pretty good in oceanic now Lol

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    Not really convinced the 2pc is worth it except on very specific fights like Iron Qon or Megaera.. it's really rare it jumps 5 times in a useful manner. But from numbers 4pc is worth it.
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    I have played with 2 piece for disc and decided to drop for zero tier and use all offset pieces and not noticed any significant drawbacks.

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