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    Heroic 10 man Megaera - Killing Green heads ?

    Helo guys, my guild is curently working on heroic 10 man Megaera (were curently 6/13 heroic) and I was wondering is it viable to kill the green heads (or at least kill 1 green head), every video I saw just left the green head there and never killed it but I wonder if thats cause it realy is super deadly killing a green head or because the tactic of never killing one just got popular.

    What I was thinking was killing B>R>G>B>R>P them whatever, so wed never get the heads where we get double sets of adds (we would in the end but he last head is not about surviving its about killing that dam head and thats that, if there are 100 adds when it dies it doesnt matter).

    So is it possible or is the acid spit just too deadly to cope with ?

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    You can do it if you're all 540+, but it just makes the fight harder.

    It does a lot of damage on heroic; he launches 3 at once, each of which hit harder than just the 1 on normal.
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    We did it but most of our guild was high 530s and low 540 iLvL. 2 tank and 2 heal.

    You have to have amazing DPS to pull it off IMO because having multiple poison bombs go out will probably wipe you. Even still I would NEVER go in such an order. We completely ignored the blue head when we tried it this way and the lack of movement from the ice beams made it fairly tolerable. In short I wouldn't do it unless you have a lot of DPS. When we did it sometimes we went right into another rampage before any of their special abilities when off, which is ideal. It's largely DPS based and if you're getting a second breath you're liking going to be contending with too much to deal with.

    We only did it this way because we were stubborn and didn't feel like killing it on normal for the Meta achievement. This week we will try not killing red, to which I hope our DPS is higher because torrent + bomb is a lot of movement.

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