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    Put a lot of time into this movie!

    Hey guys I spent the last month making this! Would love some feedback (:

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    ok first of all you are plaing famale dwarf !
    second its rest so its boring like hell and last and prabobly worst of all :
    -you are plaing a dwarf female !!!

    "Hope for the best and prepare for the worst"

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    Well first i find all the portraits in the middle of the screen quite annoying.

    The description of something specific that you have done should be much more noticeable (i mean the "fake kick" type of messages).

    The black-n-white scene was not all that pleasant to watch, wow's graphics just are not all that viewable without color.

    Hearing your team voice chat adds a lot of "feel" to the video, you should do it more often.

    Music is kind of inappropriate.... i mean you are fighting the enemy to a bloody messy gory end, that song just does not go with arena combat.

    The seemingly random zoom ins during combat are not all that clear, most of the time i did not understand what were you trying to point out/show with them zoomz.

    And, of course, why a female dwarf xD

    Overall i found it decent (3.75/5) to watch, the issues mentioned above were a pain but the combat you recorded was indeed interesting.

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