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    That Cleave trinket will be ungodly overpowered for brewmaster monks.

    Drums of Rage...

    This is the first thing that I'm very unhappy about. What the fuck.

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    Im not sure why people care if its a weapon or if its a cape. a orange weapon doesnt all a sudden make it more interesting, its still orange, and your still using it for the proc / stats at the end of the day.
    Only problem with the cape will be the PVP perspective depending on what the proc is and whatnot

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    WTF @ priest tier16, I thought it couldn't get more ugly than tier15 but it turns out I was wrong. I am actually laughing now, can't care anymore, sooooooo ugly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zstr View Post
    Mega Snail Vs. Giant Dinosaur (New) lololol wtf is that
    It's exactly what you think it is.
    "Let's see. There are monkeys that evolved into men and monkeys that didn't. Just as well, there are men that remained men and men that evolved into something else. Do you really think humans are the ultimate form of evolution? How arrogant."
    --Kakurine, Evil Zone for PS1

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    Drums of Rage added probably so your raid isn't hurt by not having a Shaman, Mage, or Hunter.

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    The mere fact that the legendary is a cloak is not lame, I mean they could've done legendary bracers or something. The fact that it uses the same beach-towel-slung-over-the-back model that we've had since vanilla is lame. Legendaries should look awesome. People don't continue to farm Thunderfury because it's just another sword. A legendary cloak should have a unique and cool model. Isn't it about time that WOW made a cloak that has layers or folds or billows a bit? I'm not saying it should look it comes from some 1990's Spawn comic, but it should change the wearer's silhouette. Other players should know at a glance that you're wearing the legendary cloak in the same way that EVERY OTHER legendary stands out in a crowd.
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    And sky claw turns into a Sky Golem cause that's so much easier to fly around in.

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    Blizz, please kick out the designers...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michelangelo View Post
    Drums of Rage added probably so your raid isn't hurt by not having a Shaman, Mage, or Hunter.
    Pretty good addition for cms to, your not forced to have a shammy mage or hunter if you're getting friends lets say

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    so sad engineers dont get a flying mount for 2

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    Gamon. Holy shit dude.

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    Why does every piece of armor this expansion have those lazy curl textures all over them?

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    ERR_MAIL_CANT_SEND_REALM - You can't send mail to that realm.
    ERR_REALM_NOT_FOUND - Cannot find that realm.

    I know they may only add this for the virtual realm stuff, but maybe that ALSO means we can send our heirloom to other realms soon?

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    Why WHY WHY. WHY would you nerf the ele shaman t16 bonus? It already sucks compared to 15 by a mile. really? giving up on decreasing Ascendance cool down for an "lightning elemental" that attacks for now just for 10 seconds? trash. freaking trash

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    DUNGEON_FLOOR_ORGRIMMARRAID12 - Terrace of Endless Spring
    DUNGEON_FLOOR_ORGRIMMARRAID13 - Temple of the Jade Serpent
    DUNGEON_FLOOR_ORGRIMMARRAID14 - Temple of the Red Crane

    what what
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    Gamon nooooo

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    The healing rain tip seems to be a bit odd, when it would probably be better if they just increased the CD if you had to wait to cast it.

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    ERR_MAIL_CANT_SEND_REALM - You can't send mail to that realm.

    Not sure if this string has come up before, but I thought the devs were trying to find a way around sending mail cross realm (heirlooms) by just making them permanently available via some unlock method on an account wide basis. I guess this could also just be a string that is a resolution to trying to send mail to another player within coalesced realms?

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    Cloak legendary? Hm, seems okey, hopefully tho you Can (I'm 99% sure of this) put the 500 int/agi/str gem into the back.

    More Warlock nerf, was just waiting for them. The set was kinda OP, but 20% would have been a better number then 15% (Even if we did get 50% on UA crit, but since Crit is our worst stats, right now)

    Like the new "Crazy for Cats" achiv, fun title.

    The trinkets are a bit dissapointing tho, atleast for Warlocks, crit, crit, shit, shit. Nothing to really go for there. (Sure they may be nice, but not as nice for other Casters)
    They gave the Legendary meta crit, leg enchant have crit and the same with shoulders. This is madness, away with the crit and give us haste!!

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    Hm interesting. A trinket set bonus now? Will we FINALLY see human's no longer be mandatory for pvp?

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