View Poll Results: What was the greatest 5-man Era?

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  • Burning Crusade Heroics

    431 46.70%
  • BC Heroic Magister's Terrace

    60 6.50%
  • WOTLK Heroics

    137 14.84%
  • WOTLK Icecrown Heroics

    109 11.81%
  • Cataclysm Heroics

    153 16.58%
  • Cataclysm End Time Heroics

    20 2.17%
  • MoP Heroics

    13 1.41%
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    I've run every 5man at proper level. Would of voted classic WOW by design but its not on the list (unless i missed it). You could spend so much time in there and they actually felt like dungeons. Voted TBC heroics because they were the most challenging and required flawless cc/coordination; I just overall enjoyed them. I liked WOTLK but they were too easy. Cata's were boring and I utterly despised MOP's in every aspect imaginable.

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    Blackrock Depths full run at level is the most epic experience that has been in the game.

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    Burning Crusade, after that 5 mans shifted from end game content to mid game content.

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    BC heroics were hard as nails. I was also shit then, so that made them seem harder. I like hard (kinky?). I miss hard.

    They had great environments, very varied boss encounters, and every badge I got seemed like a little nugget of awesome.

    I never cleared them all, actually..

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    TBC hc's before nerfs.

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    Why is there no poll option for vanilla?

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    I hated cataclysm except for the 5 mans, I thought the meta achivs for them were completely AWESOME. They were hard as s*** at the start of the exp with no gear and that felt challenging but not boring challenging.
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    Wrath. Easy, yet fun and very rewarding for the time spent, like dungeons should be.

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    Loved LK dungeons they were tuned in the right difficulty and the themes and graphics were great and offered proper rewards, healed and dpsed cata ones prenerf they were the worst, even worst than mop ones, it was almost impossible to get a group that could clear them, really didn't like being stuck for an hour or more with a random group, my guild went almost completely pvp during that time
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    No they don't. I have yet to see anyone who raids LFR complain that LFR drops gear of lesser value than normal/heroic (heroic/mythic), but all I hear is raiders in heroic/mythic bitching about people in LFR getting any rewards.

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    Wrath, I did hundreds of Heroics, I don't even think I've done 100 yet in mop.
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    As much of an adrenaline rush spamming Flash of Light and Holy Light on my holy paladin was in BC, the launch instances of Cataclysm were just right up my alley. (Post #4 or 5 I gotta add: Shaman interrupts OP. RIP wind shear cooldown, sweet prince.)

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    TBC heroics when everyone was in greens and just trying to rush them for attunements.
    [I have bad news]
    [Well, the dungeons leading up to Mag are possible, but it's funny to think I doubt many people on this website any time this entire year did Mag for The Eye's attunement in mostly greens, as that was the heroic dungeon one's end]
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    I'd say it depends on your definition.

    I think BC was the best for challenge, I think WOTLK was the best for accessibility, MoP was the best for the art style/theme, and Vanilla was the best for multi-hour runs with good friends.
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    Burning Crusade heroics without a shadow of a doubt. They were actually difficult and required coordination to complete instead of headbutting your keyboard and aoeing the entire instance down in 7-15 minutes tops. The end of BC was the end of meaningful PvE content in general though (imo).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klingers View Post
    I'd say it depends on your definition.

    I think BC was the best for challenge, I think WOTLK was the best for accessibility, MoP was the best for the art style/theme, and Vanilla was the best for multi-hour runs with good friends.
    Just gonna go ahead and steal this answer.

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    BC pre MgT....

    Dungeons stayed hard, even when you raided MH/BT...

    I still remember, that people could wipe in ShadowLabs so many times, that trash, before Grandmaster Vorpil or Murmur, would respawn... That takes two hours....
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    Cata imo had the best 5 man dungeons, especially ZA/ZG, at least boss-wise. The only problem is they weren't fun. If that makes sense. They were challenging, never boring to me, but doing them on the LFG tool with a pug made them horrendous to go through.

    I loved wotlk 5-mans though... for some reason. I don't really know why, but that was the only era where I could just keep doing the dungeons and never got tired of it. Probably because they were quick and easy (I thought the 3.3 dungeons gave good challenge) but still.

    Unfortunately wotlk came out before I had a chance to try the BC heroics :/
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    CM should be the normal Hero dungeons...

    after having 4 toons finished with CM gold i cry evrytime i do a random dungeon for points and reputation bonus

    but imo

    BC > cata beta pre nerf > icc

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    Back in Vanilla. No doubt about it.

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    There's dungeons I love from all eras.

    A lot of the people who talk about TBC being "hard" go on to describe in what way they were "hard" and to me it honestly sounds like they don't know the difference between the words "hard" and "shit".
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    BC heroics, all them of them including Magister's Terrace. > MoP > Vanilla > Wrath = Cata

    Burning Crusade heroics were hands down the most fun, ever since then it's become "Pull all mobs, AoE all mobs, finish dungeon." it's less of a game and more of a time waster. Mists is second because you don't actually have to do them, and that's an improvement over Wrath/Cata. Vanilla was fun because the 5 mans dropped actual gear, tier 0 came from 5 mans and they were moderately challenging. Wrath/Cata were just pointless AoE fests that served no purpose but still had to be done for gear. They weren't fun, they weren't challenging, they were just a waste of time.

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