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    Combat regen - resto

    Hi, is there some sort of cap for combat regen to reach so that after reaching it I can focus on enchanting/gemming/reforging into a different stat? Let's say haste to reach haste breakpoint for additional tick from HoTs?

    Info would be very much appreciated

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    it's till you're comfortable on mana, simple as that, there is no magic number. if you can get through an entire fight without going oom (including CD mana regen uses) there ya go.
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    Hah, so it's like I thought it was from the begining - personal preference. Thanks btw.

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    In patch 5.4 spirit 15k> will be good, but personally for now i wont go for the 2nd haste breakpoint. Keep it a the soft cap, and go mastery

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    I currently run 16k spirit in 10 man, haste to 3043, and mastery the rest of the way. Ranked 48 on our first H twins last night 2 healing it, so it works pretty well for me. Let's me run a lot of RJ which is by far our best spell this xpac.

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