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    pet glances

    How much dps are we effectively losing from our pet "glancing/missing" the boss even when were 7.5 hit/exp?

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    I don't imagine it would be hard to calculate but there is no point. There is nothing you can do to mitigate it, glancing hits are something every melee character has to accept as something that just happens.

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    We're losing nothing because we never had anything there to begin with. Glancing blows are a part of the game and everyone with an auto attack gets them.

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    He didn't ask if there's a point to it. He asked how much damage glancing blows cost his pet.

    "At current Glancing blows occur at about 20% of the time versus mobs that are above your level. These attacks only do 75% of their normal damage versus a mob that is 3 levels above you. Bosses are counted as "your level+3"."

    So if your pet attacks 100 times, and does 10 damage per attack...

    10 x 75 = 750
    7.5 x 25 = 187.50

    Total = 937.50
    Without glancing blows = 1000.00

    937.50 / 1000.00 = 93.75% of potential damage. So the pets lose about 6.25% of their damage due to glancing blows.


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    Your math is wrong.

    You said 20% but then you calculate for 25%?

    10x80 = 800
    7.5x20 = 150

    Total 950

    Means that pet loses 5% dps.

    Or you can just 20% chance to deal 75% dmg, so 20% chance to lose 25% damage. 20%x 25 = 5%

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    Oops, you're right. Thanks for the clarification.

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    I'm not sure it matters, only because there's nothing we can do about it anyway.

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