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    Ulduar or Throne of Thunder?

    The devs told us, when they made ulduar, it was aimmed at being on par with ulduar in terms of scale and bosses.

    Now that we've been though Tot, and can compare, which of the two, based on lore, boss fights and overall feel, did you prefer the more?


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    Ulduar, because it was fresh, new and more exciting at its time during Wotlk. Trying to bring the same concept in a new expansion is just not "new" or "exciting".

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    Lore = Easily Ulduar
    Boss mechanics = Ulduar
    Visuals = Ulduar

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    Ulduar by far, it wasn't nearly as linear that and you had some different mechanics which today have been lost to menu options such as pressing a big red button for hard mode.
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    Ulduar wins by a decent amount. Thrones bosses are good, but theres something about alot of the Ulduar bosses that are still fun to this day, and the lore is better with Ulduar, and its not linear.

    Ulduar 9.9
    ToT 9.0

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    Cmon Trassk, no contest of course. Ulduar.

    ToT is fun but I dont think much will ever live up to the sheer epicosity that was Ulduar raiding, (even though it didnt last very long, FUCK YOU TOC...)

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    Ulduar by a mile. The environment is more interesting, and the encounters are of a more consistent quality.
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    I'll agree with ulduar too. Tot is a good raid, with intresting bosses, and Lei Shen is a great villian with some good background..

    but when compared with the titan theme of ulduar, the huge boss fights, the overall design, and yogg, that intimidation of going into the depths of the fortress to face him in his prison just gave me goosebumps.


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    Still prefer Ulduar. It just had a feel that ToT doesn't have, which isn't to say ToT is a bad raid though.

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    OP, just check your sentence again. "when they made ulduar, it was aimmed at being on par with ulduar in terms of scale and bosses."

    Surely the former is to be ToT?

    Anyway, Uldaur any day of the week. It just felt a more epic raid to me and Yogg-Saron is a bad-ass. I have no care or concern for the Mogu or Lei-Shen.
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    Gameplay wise definetely ToT, lore should be about even, ToT gets extra points for not having an old god.
    Overall feel ulduar still wins, partly because its non linear, which made it feel more like a place instead of a loot line and partly because of nostaliga.
    Oh and I dont think the hardmode switch in ulduar would be a good mechanic to continue on every boss ever, but I would like it back for a couple of bosses per tier. Helps with places feeling alive too.
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    ToT is not even close to Ulduar, the environment, the bosses, the linearness, the final boss, the hardmodes. Everything was better in Ulduar. Which is a shame, as ToT is still actually a great raid, it's just not Ulduar!

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    Ulduar, love storm peaks, love the lore, love the music, love the visuals...

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    Ulduar of course, does this even need to be a thread?

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    ToT is a fun raid with some well designed encounters but Ulduar is still the shining jewel (along with Kara) imo.

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    ToT is very good but it is no Ulduar.

    story: equal - both well set up before the raid, knew what you were working toward/for
    difficulty : ToT - this is not about a single fight, but the entirety of the raid
    environment: Ulduar - really not even close
    flow: Ulduar - Bliz hopefully has learned to move away from the pure linear raid. It kills guilds when they get stuck on one boss and have no options. Not sure why they ever started this, but god it sucks.
    rewards: Ulduar - between mounts and gear for trasnmog (which didn't exist when Ulduar was released) Ulduar has the "cool" stuff
    originality: Ulduar - not really a count of model reuse - but did it feel fresh (I realize everything new has it tougher against old) - some may call this a "wow" factor (note it could merge with environment above)

    Each person may rate these elements differently and may put different value on each (for instance a hardcore may only care about difficulty or a single fight).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trassk View Post
    The devs told us, when they made ulduar, it was aimmed at being on par with ulduar in terms of scale and bosses.

    For me it is really hard to decide, both raids have absolutely awesome bosses aswell as trash (Gastropod vs. Mimiron trash). I really like that in Throne we fight to reach the top and its linearity...somehow that also can be frustrating for progression (I only do raidfinder, so don't know how serious that hampered progression).

    Ulduar was so awesome because there were so many new elements implemented: all those special ways to activate hardmode, vehicle combat during boss encounter, Algalon who fed on our tears, a boss which when dead built a bridge to access the next part, four watchers who helped you during Yoggies fight, etc.

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    1st half of ToT > 1st half of Ulduar

    2nd half of Ulduar > 2nd half of ToT

    I really hated the first half of Ulduar and all this non linear crap is a bit out of place, guilds followed a guide on what boss to kill next... When it came to the keepers for example, you did the easiest one first.

    I still like raiding in ToT though, I was bored of Ulduar after a month and didn't look forward to raiding. I know many who were the same, so it's hard to compare an old raid with a lot of nostalgia to a current raid.

    I also bet most of the people on this forum only did Ulduar in ICC gear.
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    Ulduar is miles ahead of ToT. IMO ToT is down near the dismissible raids like SSC, BWL, BWD, BoT, and so on.

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    Honestly I can point out three things I dislike about ToT:
    1) Insane # of trash mobs
    2) Trolls.. ok Mogus.. ok. Tortoise, Hydra, Birdie.. Eyeball.. huh? Just felt so unnatural. (I remember Blizz mentioning that they wanted to put a badass tortoise in Firelands but weren't able to.. guess they wanted to force one in this tier.
    3) the fact that we aren't able to disable the annoying video after defeating the council -> lei shen breaking that bridge of his

    But for Ulduar, the only thing I disliked was the insane (according to my standards :P) pre-nerf difficulty. The titles awarded (death's demise, herald of the titans etc.), mount, music were all epic. I also enjoyed the non-linear progression.

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