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    Leveling as Rogue

    So I just started a rogue in my quest to get all classes to 90 before next x-pac. It is probably the class I know the least about. I feel like I want to play subtlety but I keep hearing assassination is the quickest for leveling...Is this true? And would it really make THAT large of a difference? I know it's a noob question but just wondering.

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    Man I rerolled rogue recently and I enjoyed sub so much while leveling. It was great for quests (one-shot ambush) as well as dungeons. With cloak and dagger I was top dps even on trash packs without a single aoe. At lvl 66 you get fan of knives and at 70 your slice and dice starts to regen energy and you become an aoe beast in dungeons.
    As for pvp you shit in peoples faces let it be a warlock, blood dk, paladin or whatever just play your buttons well. Stick with sub!

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    I find sub rather poor for fast leveling with +2 ads. It gives a lot of fun but is not most efficent so y choice what y want from leveling.

    Despite Assa being spec to go on top end pve combat is far more flexible on leveling and fights with one or many targets.

    All of them are not so far from each other in terms of mechanics f and all of them are easy to learn with sub a bit more tricky in folllowing buffs, debuffs and positioning.

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    Heh, well, a lot of it still boils down to opinion and personal experience. I recommend doing a search for "rogue leveling" on the site if you're looking for more; otherwise Shadowpanther would be my best recommendation, from that list.

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