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    Immortal Yunru's Avatar
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    How many lvl 25 battle pets do you have?

    I have myself 159 lvl 25 battle pets.

    I hear some ppl lvled pretty much every posible pet in game to lvl 25.

    How many you got?

    (if you are to lazy to count you can just use and type your character name and realm into personal pets)

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    Not a single one.
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    1 is 25, 159 means you might need to go outside for a bit ;D
    Is it hot in here, or is that just your flesh burning?

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    I have 3 at level 25, never felt like I needed more.

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    New Kid Zaelsino's Avatar
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    Just my three favourites. I don't think they have much synergy at all, but I liked them enough to level them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Creations View Post
    1 is 25, 159 means you might need to go outside for a bit ;D
    Well i lvled my alt characters on low lvl trainers with lvl 25 pets and boosting lowbie pets. (jade forest is depresing to lvl)

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    Think I levelled one of each for the achievement, and then just a handful more.

    If there's a pet I'm going to have out as a constant companion for a while, it HAS to be blue and level 25, otherwise its a bad reflection on my character :P

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    Like 45? Got burnt out from trying to get the 75 achievement

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    between 50 and 100 ^^

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    I find the grind to 25 too long, but overall i like playing pet battles sometimes.

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    Apparently I have 11 pets that are lvl 25.
    I don't really bother with it though, it got rather boring.

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    119 pets at 25, was really going to stop when I hit 75 and got the cricket but then I... didn't, I guess?

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    0 and i dont plan to lvl up any

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    39 apparently, more than I thought.

    Once you get all the trainers done though, it's stupid easy to level up more, especially if you're taming them at 20something.
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    40 going on 41. Will probably stop at 75 unless I find one I really like to battle with.

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    I don't even know anymore.
    198 apparently. Glad I didn't try to count them.
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    7, I haven't leveled that much. Got 372 pets or something like that, about half of them are rare.

    5000 PvP battles won and World Safari. Haven't done much more than that when it comes to Pet Battles.

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    Wait a minute here...I must be doing something wrong. I feel like I spent hours doing pet battles and my highest pet is 23. I stopped battling because I didn't understand the purpose. This was around the time MoP was released.

    Have they made this ridiculously simple now? Or do you really have no life to have that many level 25 pets.

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