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    Random BG Statistics (DPS, KB)

    - For these statistics I counted the number of times each class got into the top 3 at DPS and at Killing Blows in Random BGs over a sample size of 30 played BGs.
    - Sample size is low at the moment, I will add more as I play more.
    - Hunter numbers may or may not be off scale due to the fact that the class I play is a hunter.
    - I'm not saying that these statistics have a lot of meaning, it's just statistics, numbers that can be interpreted in different ways, but a high enough sample size (maybe 200+) should still be able to tell something. One could say that monks have such a bad ranking because not many people play them or because they have 3 different roles and the charts are only about DPS and KB, but not because the monk class performs so bad. Yes, these and a lot of other shortcomings are in these numbers.

    How to read the diagram:
    - e.g., look at the hunter bar in the first one, it means: the hunter class ranked 5 times first, 14 times second, and 5 times third as DPS in 30 played BGs.

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    I like the idea very much!! But if you want some tips. Don't forget about the representation. For example monk has a low population while there are many hunters and dks. Any way to interpret that into the statistics? Anyhow very nice job!

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    I don't actually doubt that this is the case, but I very rarely join a BG where I don't top the killing blows as a Rogue.


    Marked For Death being spammable + the nature of Dispatch pretty much allows for me to snag every killing blow.

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