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    In all fairness I only voted maybe due to the multiplayer model the consoles are getting... The thought of sitting on the sofa with my mates and kids and killing stuff together sounds like it could be fun... On the other hand though I was so disappointed by the pc version I'll only buy it when it hits bargain bucket prices or is in a massive sale. I definately won't be buying it at launch or full price.

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    I dont have any console, so no, but even if I did, I completed all the difficulties on pc so still no.

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    No, it sucked on PC after I cleared Inferno within the first month of release.

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    Since I do not own any current generation console and do not plan on getting the future generations, my answer would have to be a no.

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    Yes I will probably buy it to my PS3. Mindless hack'n'slash is best half sitting in the sofa.

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    I'm too busy hoping someone will buy my PC copy off of me to worry about picking up this pathetic cash-grab for another system.

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    Do I want to pay 2$ per level ( I don't play 30-60, I just want to enjoy console gameplay one run)?

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    Nope, I already own it for my PC and I never play it anymore so I don't see any reason to buy it at all really.
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    As much as I'd rather play the game with a controller: no. I have never found consoles to be as social as the PC, and I like the ease of trading on the PC version as well. Now, if I could play on my PC with a controller.... Heaven.
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    I didn't enjoy it at all. How did I play diablo 2 till my fingers bled but this one just wasn't interesting and felt
    really different. Didn't like it on pc, I think its retarded to bring it out on consoles after all this time.

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    Na I'm not going to bother with it I don't think.

    Only because I have almost 500 hours on my Barbarian. I don't see a real reason to start over.

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    Nope. PC was bad enough.

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    maybe for 15€ or less but not for 40€

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    Definitely not. All those resources should have gone into making the game better with patches and expansions. Not for a console version that should have been ready with release.

    Like I don't mind there's a console version, what I do mind is that they dedicated a year of development post release of the game to creating it when it literally brings nothing new to the game. I think its the biggest money grab Blizz has done to date. It also ensures slower patching in the future since major patches and stuff for PC now have to be applied to console as well. It's such a waste of time, even for blizzard.

    Like the poll itself only shows roughly 8.67% of people actually for sure buying it. Apply that to the 12 million who bought D3 and that's only about a million sales. I mean when 12 million people have already bought your game, there isn't much of a market left to bring in more new players. I'd also imagine most people who wanted to play D3 have already done so for PC since the requirements really are not hefty. Pretty much any PC these days can run it at least on low.

    Honestly the only people I can see buying this are the people who rather play with a controller. There can't be that many of them out either there judging by the poll on a popular gaming website with a dedicated sub-forum on the game. I could be wrong though, only time will tell I guess.
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    Yep, Didn't bother with the pc one , but being able to play it on our big screen with mates / gf is gonna be great.

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    Yes, I will be buying the PS3 version. Not sure about the PS4 one though.

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    I haven't touched the PC version in like 5-6 months now. I think it was because of how short the game felt. I remember D2 being this hellacious journey in each act. D3 was like 6-8 hours tops to play through for me, was kinda disappointing. So based on the fact that I just didn't enjoy it, I won't be buying it for my console.

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    I can't stand the stupidity of the people who actually wrote the script.

    "Destroying my siege weapons makes little difference. Every hour, more of my forces pour forth from the mount of Hell. Soon, they will wipe your pathetic keep from existence!"
    "I do not need my siege weapons to slay you. You stand before in the middle of the army of Hell! It wil crush you!"

    This is extra stupid.
    "You're too late! My servant is already inside your walls, and his hunger is ravonous. He will devour your corpse and those of your friends."

    I don't really know why he hid in the closet for so long just to be the big surprise of Diablo 3 that he is a transvestite? He is the Prime Evil, he could of easily switched to his big old monster form. I see nothing sexy or evil of a woman shaped bones.

    "Only by defeating us can you return to your own realm, but none have ever crawled from the depths of their own terror!"

    "That is not the only hell rift. The flow of my legions will not stop." Oh my god how embarrassing, he was so humiliated he wanted to die.

    "So, you approach the Oculus with the aim to destroy it? You will not succeed!"

    And a bunch more, look up his lines in the wiki...

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