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    What is the best switch heals/dps class?

    Not really sure where else to put this on the forum, but I'll put it here since I main a paladin. (10 man guild)

    Currently I'm the switch 3rd healer and dpser, which by default, sucks. Having to keep two gear sets close to each other in ilvl totally blows, especially when I essentially "have" to take gear from our plate dps. Even though I get "free" holy gear since I'm the only paladin.

    Anyway, my question is this:

    Which class is the best for having to switch between heals and dps in a 10 man guild?

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    Holy Paladin MS / Ret OS is the best. You are the only class/spec in the game that uses Plate Int, so you get free dibs on gear and Paladins are really good healers in 10s also.

    2nd option would be Monk, Mistweaver MS / Windwalker OS.

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    For me could be the druid (resto - balance), same stats let them keep almost one set o share parts...

    Monks, pallys have to keep a lots o gear, so is hard keep al gear on good stats.

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    I disagree, Tehterokkar, I think Paladin and Monk are the worst to have for 10 mans. Not knowing what your entire comp is makes it a little more difficult to say which is best, because there are many factors which could influence what the optimal setup for your comp is. With that being said though, I'd suggest a Shaman or Druid, since they tend to be a bit on the weaker side (meaning, most groups would be better suited having a Disc Priest+HPally/MW Monk as their 2 heal setup), so if you have one of those in your group I'd go with them. Druids and Shamans also have the benefit of being able to fulfill melee and ranged DPS roles depending on what your comp needs. Typically though you'll want your 3rd healer to be able to play ranged DPS as a lot of groups run with 2 melee DPS normally and having 3 can suck for some fights (I'm looking at you, Iron Qon).

    As I said though, a look at your full raid comp would make it easier.

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    Without further information about your raid comp it's clearly a class/specc that emphasizes the same main attribute in both speccs, leaving you with resto/owl, resto/ele and disc/shadow. Add in that all those three specc combos are ranged which is clearly favorable, bringing a third melee dps is almost always suboptimal.

    Other than that:
    a) your token situation might come into play, ie we run with 3x vanquisher, 3x conquerer and 6x protector. So having one of the protector guys being a dedicated double-specc is a dumb thing to do, it will take him ages to complete both sets. Actually we made exactly that fault this tier, our resto/ele still wears lfr tokens in some slots
    b) your melee/ranged situation. If you have no agi or strength user sharding all of that prestigious gear is suboptimal as well.

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    Hello! We're going to have to leave this question up to you to decide. Utilize the multiple threads we have here across our forums to read and see what each spec has to offer, and go through the various other class forums to see the state each of the other classes are in to figure out the answer to your question! Best of luck, closing
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