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    Best: the rambo quests. you know what i mean. all of them. in both zones.

    Worst: the meat quest for the nether drakes...aarrrghgh

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    The best ones I remember are, Linken's chain, In Dreams, and the old Argent Dawn one where you get a lightsaber.
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    Worst quest is easily Deep Ocean, Vast Sea in Darkshore (obsolete now). 50000 murlocs around in the area, having to swim down with a 60 second breath timer rapidly disappearing while you fight the never-ending waves of murlocs. Urgh.

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    AQ40 quest chain. Long, takes you all over the world, through raid dungeons, through secret places. It felt really epic. Those kinds of quests don't exist anymore.
    The Missing Diplomat. Again a classic quest chain, discovering the disappearance of Varian before he was in the game was kind of cool.
    Onyxia attunement quest, SSC/TK/BT attunement quests. I wish they would bring these back and make raids more meaningful.

    The Vile Reef, god did I hate this quest back in Classic. Elite Murlocs underwater...the worst combination.
    Any of them that involves a quest item with a CD. Horrible design.
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    Best: None. I hate questing/leveling.

    1 - It's that torturing quest in the DK starting quest line. Pisses me off every time.
    2 - Hyjal's scared animal collecting quest.
    3 - Valley of for Wind's the murky water collecting quest.

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    Most vehicle quests will either wind up on my love or hate list. There are very few I feel neutral about.

    The Matthias Lehner quests where you play as Arthas
    The Naga Battlemaiden quests in Vashj'ir
    The Day Deathwing Came
    Welcome to the Machine

    Rampage Against the Machine (the Klaxxi Daily were you drive the Kunchong)
    That quest in Townlong were you have to kill the Mantid with 2 adds to find the kid's father's crossbow. Damn that's a hard solo.
    The Shattrath and CoT attunement quests
    Any escort with a slow and/or stupid NPC. I'm okay with the strong and reasonably fast NPC.

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    I was waiting for someone to say welcome to the Machine. I think the entire story line of Hillsbrad, up until Tarren Mill is awesome to.

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    Best: Horde Version of The Battle for the Undercity and Gnomebliteration.

    Worst: Pretty much any of the old vanilla quests that were removed with Cataclysm.

    EDIT-To add a few more great ones:
    The Day Deathwing Came (a comment reminded me of this one)
    The Codex of Xerrath quest chain (Warlock Green Fire quests)
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    Best- The quest in un goro that had the zelda reference. I cant recall the name and if it still even exists.

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    The best quest in the game is the one in Boran Tundra where you have to wear the murloc suit carrying a white flag to infiltrate their cave. I was in stitches the first time I did that one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ninepointseven View Post
    Worst quest is easily Deep Ocean, Vast Sea in Darkshore (obsolete now). 50000 murlocs around in the area, having to swim down with a 60 second breath timer rapidly disappearing while you fight the never-ending waves of murlocs. Urgh.
    I had blocked this one out of my memory but it's all coming back to me now...I still despise this one just thinking back :P

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    Best= Camel tow .... I have made so many bad jokes in trade with this
    Worse= Pretty much any daily in MoP not any fun ones that i like to do that are easier or make me giggle (not that they are hard)

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    worst : most of blablabla quests and you have to follow or help people who WALKS to the otherside of Azeroth...

    best : Hand of A'dal chain q

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    Worst was probably Dungeon set 1.5 back in Vanilla. SO. AWFUL. AS. A. HOLY. PALADIN.

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    My favourite quests are extremely story based which sends your character on a journey. My favourite has to be the one started with the Battered Hilt which leads to the restoration of Quel'delar.

    For people interested in the lore of the whole chain wowinsider has a pretty good article on it.

    I don't really have a "worst quest" but the ones that require you to kill more than 10 mobs.. I'm looking at you Nesingwary were a pain. I'm not sure if the cata revamp made the chain more bearable in STV but the kill 10 of the young tigers, then 10 more of the elder ones, oh and then look for the king of all tigers.. that quest sucked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Destil View Post
    Fuck. The. Blood. Elf. Zones.

    Questing there makes me shudder.
    You say that, yet as a classic/vanilla veteran, I was all over those zones, even as other races, since the other main option for leveling at that point was the Barrens. Better itemization + more condensed questing (less running all over BFE)...yes, please.

    I will say it still makes me twitch seeing the chasm splitting the Barrens in two. No riding down the gold road the length of the zone for nostalgia's sake now. :-/

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    There was a quest in Swamp of Sorrows where you had to kill a zillion swamp beasts to get the drop you needed. You often levelled up before completing the quest due to the sheer number of mobs you had to kill, and bear in mind this was back in Vanilla where levelling up was something you did every other zone not every 5 or 6 quests. The rumour was it was supposed to be a 10% drop rate but was actually in-game as a 0.1% drop rate. Most people skipped the quest.

    My favourite quest line was the Shifting Sands one that led to the AQ gates opening. I did it as a level 80 before Cata and it still felt epic despite over-gearing it considerably. It's a shame it fell victim to the Cataclysm because this was definitely Blizzard at their most creative.
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    Best Immersive quest: The Battle for Undercity
    Best Funny Quest: The Day that Deathwing Came
    Worst Quest: Escort quests

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    Best Immersive Quest: The Battered Hilt hands down. Was totally epic. One of the best quest chains in the game.

    Worst Quest: The old Westfall quest to collect boar gizzards for Westfall Stew. The drop rate was so pathetically low. It was freaking annoying. There are still a couple of these quests that just have a terrible drop rate. Just can't remember them right now.

    Honourable mentions: Most of the WTLK quest chains very pretty epic. Loved the Wrathgate quest chain. I always made it a point to do the quest chain on all my characters I levelled. Not only was it so awesome but it simply gave a ton of XP. WTLK probably had the best quests in the game even after MoP launched. There were just so many quest chains that I enjoyed in WTLK.

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    Best: Onyxia quest chain
    Worst: those quests at Darkshire in Vanilla where you had to WALK BACK AND FORTH between the cemetery and Darkshire to "relay" a message.... And it was a long ass walk everytime. Darkshire also had one of the shortest quests which comes down to:
    NPC: I want you to hand me that book (1 meter away)
    You: But it is right there!!!

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