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    And then Lorewalker Cho came and said, "You're thinking to much into this!!!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oldstrong View Post
    damn! That was interesting and opens all kinds of possible lore twists. Gotta do those badlands quests to see it myself.
    I did it just to hang with The Lost Vikings again, but the quest chain actually turned out really great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ciddy View Post
    Doesn't Sabellian still have a few black dragons with him in Outland? As far as I can tell, nothing in lore has indicated that Sabellian and Wrathion even know about each other. It would be interesting to see if Blizzard decides to do something with that. I'm pretty sure Sabellian is still alive and hanging out in Blade's Edge Mountains somewhere, unless Blizz just forgot about him. I don't think he has actually done anything significant since that "hunt down and beat the shit out of Gruul's kids" quest chain.
    They definitely didn't forget, they made a big point of their being unaware of eachothers existance when questioned on it in a Q&A. They may bring them together at some point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Von Bosch View Post
    as far as i know alexstrasza also fucked with deathwing but this time she was raped and thus you would think it would be far worse but she survived without scars? maybe mentaliy but i dont see it
    Deathwing wanted Alexstrasza as his consort. It's mentioned in several books, including (I think) Day of the Dragon. However, she was never his consort at all. She mated through Tyranastrasz when she was captured by the Dragonmaw through use of the Demon Soul. The orcs would threaten Alexstrasza or her eggs, so he would be forced to mate with her in order for no one to die. There are no Black-Red dragons, since Deathwing never mated with her.

    The only mention of inter-dragonflight breeding was in the War of the Ancients trilogy. If the timeline hadn't been altered, Alexstrasza would have mated with Malygos to help him recreate a "blue dragonflight" (though...they'd technically be purple.) The timeline was altered in the books, and Krasus saved as many blue dragon eggs as he could and gave them to Nozdormu. Those eggs would later create the Blue Dragonflight we have today. So in the altered timeline, Alexstrasza never mated with anyone other than red dragons.
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    It would have just been better if he just said "Onyxia" instead of "Auntie Onyxia". Much less confusion and explanation.
    I think it was meaningful that he called her that, more in the sense that he does show some immaturity in this tantrum with calling Ony "Auntie" that we really haven't seen during the chain. He puts himself in such a position but still is a child regardless.

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    I don't think it's literal, just as deathwing most likely isn't his literal direct father. Though it is possible and even likely I guess that Onyxia and his mothers are actually sisters, Wrathion is probably not the actual son of his mother and deathwing. In fact the way he was made he might be a mix of different black dragon eggs and more a metaphorical son of deathwing as a child of the black flight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Florena View Post
    In fact the way he was made he might be a mix of different black dragon eggs and more a metaphorical son of deathwing as a child of the black flight.
    He's the dragon we deserve, but not the one we need. He is the Dark Flight.

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    They should have used more lube to avoid all that friction.
    They tried. It instantly turned to molten lava.

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