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    Seems like she's like you said *Sending different signals* Go up to her and ask what's up. If she is evasive and keeps up this confusion, sadly you're better off without her. Not sure why girls do this. Happened to me to but on a different level. Course I was too blind to see it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sajin0084 View Post
    Send a text saying "I know", then see what she does...
    ROFL that's awesome
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    Its a bad sign OP.

    Im not the relationship expert or anything, but from experience when the girl tells you she loves you over text but then acts like a complete psycho around you, it generally means they're leading you on.
    For example my ex and I had a break for a week. It evolved into 4 week for reasons too long to explain. During this time she kept telling me she loved me, etc. We lived together also, had a lease, etc. She was staying at her aunt and uncles. Anyway, it went from her loving me over texts to "im cheating on you".

    Some people are just cowards. Some people are just too pathetic to admit the truth and will drag you down to the lowest levels you've been, just so there shitty little reputation isn't corrupted before they complete there agenda.

    OP needs to talk about your problem's; if shes unwilling, tell her its over. If she goes along with the break up, shes either not in love with you or shes with someone else. Bitches love cheating, its actually a really common thing these days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treelife View Post
    Talk to her, tell her that? It's either going to end well or it's going to end bad, no point sitting around waiting asking strangers.
    Most human females do actually respond in a way human males understand when spoken to. ... Usually by speaking back. It's not like trying to ask your broken car "Hey, what's up with you?" So I vote to try this.

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    To all the men out there:

    Don't try to understand women. Women already understand other women, and they hate each other because of it. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by zenyatta View Post
    Most human females do actually respond in a way human males understand when spoken to. ... Usually by speaking back. It's not like trying to ask your broken car "Hey, what's up with you?" So I vote to try this.
    I disagree, in my experience with past girlfriends and such it would be a hell of a lot easier if I could just talk to my car, than to deal with "You should know what's wrong without me having to tell you." or "Why do I need to spell everything out."... In fact, girls are exactly like cars, I'm supposed to know what's wrong with my car without it giving me an answer as well. I'm not a fucking mind-reader, or a car-reader. WHY IS MY CAR BROKEN!!!?!?!
    It's like crossing an intersection. There's shit going on all over the place and you don't panic and act like an idiot then do you?

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    That's how some females are.... try "talking" to her about it maybe it'll help. girls love emotions and thoughts and feelings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by loganroth51 View Post
    This sounds like the most logical reason for her behavior.

    Better yet, confront her and your parents at the same time. I bet they will try to act like you are crazy or something, but don't let them fool you.
    You're not in on the joke. obdigore sold that line in a thread some weeks ago to hilarious results.

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    lol sounds like my relationship as of late. i started sobbing right before i was about to dump her and she came to her senses.

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    Talk to her, tell her you want to work it out (if you do). If not, grow a pair and tell her to move on.
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    I stopped trying to understand men when they wonder "why is the passion dead" while at the same time going "I don't feel like doing anything"


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    She should be fucking the frustration out of you, not frustrating the fuck out of you.
    OT, try talking to her about it. Keeping silent and bottling things up will lead to serious relationship problems down the road.

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    you arent paying enough attention to her and she is cheating on you, sorry =\

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    tell her your pregnant...

    Though seriously, if it were me i'd have called it a day, but Ive had enough of women craving drama and crap like that, if they want a relationship fine thats good but im not interested in a soap opera relationship which sadly is what 90% of women seem to want. (while telling everyone that they dont and they just get stuck with arseholes who treat them like crap etc. But I am however a total bastard im just honest about it lmao and I know im incredibly annoying, but by my theory if a woman gives me shit I will annoy them till I feel like I got my moneys worth and deserved it.)

    So no, talk to her about it, if it looks funny then just be honest and say its not working out and tbh not worth investing more time, effort and emotions into it.

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    Op you are just dealing with a typical girl. I say girl because it is the typical immature personality. My wife does similar things so I know what you are going through. What you can do is either leave her and try to find another person you can handle and live with or you just learn this person is always going to be this way and you will have to deal with it.

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    Obviously you have to talk to her directly, that's a given. One thing you can try is writing her a letter, or a note, and then read it aloud to her. That way you don't forget a topic and say everything you want to say. She is not allowed to interrupt until you are finished reading. That way she can't take offense to half a sentence before you can finish.
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    Quote Originally Posted by obdigore View Post
    Shes having sex with your parents. You should totally confront her.
    This. Classic Parent-Sex Syndrome. It's getting really bad lately.
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    Lot'a clueless assholes in this thread. She's either hiding something from you or doesn't respect you in person. It's easier to respect and miss something when it's not within reach. Stop asking idiots on the internet and sit her down for a real talk. Women are not difficult, complicated creatures. Most men are just too stupid to figure out what to do til it's too late and end up asking people on a web forum for advice.

    Communicate, you have no other option.

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