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    "chassis intruded fatal error system halted"

    Hi there. I have some issue when I turn on my PC I get this message: "chassis intruded fatal error system halted".

    My motherboard is a: P8Z68-VPRO

    Now I have contacted the guy who I bought the PC from, and he says to me its a jumper or something thats gone wrong. ( I have never done any changes to my Bios or anything changed any parts in my PC)

    Anyone can explain me what a jumper is?


    is the jumper the "Clear CMOS jumper" shown in that picture?
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    A jumper is a small, removable connector that connects two pins (on the motherboard). There are usually a handful of pins in two rows, and how you connect the pins (using the jumpers) tells the motherboard some basic settings. Look up "jumper computing" to see what they look like. Buy some at a local computer hardware store, and replace all your current jumpers with new ones. In exactly the same places, take a picture first.

    It sounds like the guy was speculating a lot, and I have even less of an idea what the error is. But replacing all the jumpers might fix it, if a jumper did "go bad".

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    Ok this is kind of rare but some motherboards have a special switch that connects from the case to a couple of jumper pins on motherboard directly. It may be a reed switch or a simple spring switch.

    The purpose of this switch is to detect if the case has been opened. If so, the bios locks up the system, and requires administrator password to reset it once again.

    If your case does not have the fitting for chassis intrusion switch, and more specifically, you do not want to use the feature, you will have to consult the motherboard instruction manual to disable the feature.

    Other things you can do is reseat your wires to the motherboard and make sure everything's plugged in properly. Maybe even clear your CMOS and the redo your bios settings again.

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    Usually there is an option in the BIOS for that. Just go into your BIOS and disable the Chasis Intrusion Detection option in your BIOS.

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    This problem is not always caused by the jumper thing. It's tend to be caused by the wire of the chassis fan, make sure it doesn't touch other wires and metal, I know it sounds absurb but it can fix the problem as I recently got 2 clients with this problem at the computer shop where I work and messing with the wires fixed the problem.
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    That jumper is meant to reset the bios, not for intruding stuff because this board doesn't have a chassis jumper. You have to set it to disabled in the bios but there's no such option for a p8z68-v pro. If you can update your bios, do that at first place.

    By default it's always like this:


    to reset it, you move it by one pin:


    But after the reset it needs to be set again to this (like the first example):


    (* means the pin is hidden behind the jumper, - means it's not used). If you leave it on the reset mode, it won't do anything else than resetting.

    Also this way doesn't always solve all of your problems, removing the cmos battery would only do a hard bios reset which is for sure the best way. And take what Warrax said serious, can be the cause too, just make sure none of the cables of your powersupply are making contact with the board.

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