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    Cloak of Shadows

    I have been noticing some strange bugs on cos lately.
    It seems that sometimes on dark animus hc cos works on interupting jolt and sometimes not, our other rogue also did notice this.
    Today on bg i used cos for priest fear and still got feared while watching that my cos was still on.
    Any1 else have notice something similar?

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    Im not sure but i thought it would give an immunity for the full duration, but i have tried many times that i use it , it makes me immune for the first few sec, and then the last duration the dmg gets through. Often on raid dmg that ticks for more than the duration. Dunno if buggy or just me :P

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    Only the immunity at first sec of cloak stops interrupting jolt as its not on spell hit. As for the priest no idea there.

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    wow does indeed have it right, the first second of CoS is the Immune part, the rest Resists spells. Some spells have clauses that say "cannot be resisted" etc., although most of those are raid boss mechanics and most player spells in PvP can be resisted.

    The situation you describe in the BG is probably related to client/server lag, where the server says that you were hit with said fear at 12:34:56.01 and that cloak was applied at 12:34:56.02. Of course that's a moderately rare occurrence, but sometimes the game will let cloak go off after the magic CC was applied. This leads to some frustrating situations where you can see that cloak is up, and you still got CC'd.

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    I had this happen on a fear from a warbringer...

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