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    Until recently I'd say Vale of Eternal Blossoms, but thanks to Garrosh real estate there isn't worth a gnomes droppings. Thanks a lot. I'll probably go with Jade Forest, overlookng the Temple of the Jade Serpent.

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    Feralas, I always liked the mystery of it.

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    at the very top of Blackrock Mountain

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiffy33 View Post
    If they ever added housing to WoW where would you place your house? I kind of like the floating islands in Nagrand. Its always been one of my favorite zones.
    The Conservatory in Ulduar (Freyas place). Cool place, cool music that gives me the chills, hot titan chick = profit.
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    Nagrand for spring and summer, Grizzly Hills for fall and winter
    Frostwolf clan is best clan!
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    I´d get a room somewere in Silvermoon City and give college parties with hot blood elves all night long.

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    im gonna stay in Dalaran. i just love that place.

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    I would probably build a Summer house on the shores of Westfall and fish with the Murloc eyes I get from them at the shore.

    As for a Winter holidays and such, it would be Stormpeaks, so I can ski down the mountains. Take that Thorim!

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    If there would just be picking a place to live, I would put my house close to one of the smaller citys near a capital, Razor Hill or Crossroads.

    Yet I don't like the housing with just a house. It needs to be special, there has to be something to do. that for I made this post

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    Gnomeregan for sure, it'd be decked out with cogs and things exploding >.>

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    On the bridge at Ironforge

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    Karazahn, it would be my tower!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koochi View Post
    On the bridge at Ironforge
    You mean under?

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    If they ever had housing(or guild halls) I would like them to be in their own instance/zone. I remember what the world in UO looked like with people placing tents/houses/towers/castles everywhere there wasn't trees. It got cluttered quite quickly... Getting into people's houses and taking everything that wasn't locked down was pretty funny though..

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    Nagrand, Grizzly Hills or maybe Crystalsong Forest

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    Up in the mountains just near Stormwind, so I can troll them Alliance members

    But really, in the Barrens (North), Moonglade, Hyjal, Jade Forest, Durotar, Mulgor.

    Now, if we had what GW1 (not sure about GW2) had, a Guild Hall, I'd go for a recreated Camp Taurjo, maybe a small village like thing on The Lost Isle, or Kazan, if the volcano didn't go kaboom ( I'M LOOKING AT YOU, DEATHWING! D:< )
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    Shattrath, I'd find somewhere quiet in the lower city and hang out there.

    It's perfect. I'm not stuck in a uselessly remote place where I would almost certainly die trying to get anywhere, it's not Dalaran, which is clearly way too dense, it's fairly quiet, pretty, large, has many types of vendors for the things I need daily, and I could hang out talking about the old days, go drinking; no doubt annoying Haris Pilton.

    It's also a sanctuary, so nobody can attack me, but I can meet all types of players. No contest for me, really. There are plenty of pretty places in the game, but I'd be worried about being killed by some shitty mob.

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    Grizzly Hills or one of the snowy zones Storm Peaks or maybe wintergrasp if they would allow it there. Hopefully their beautiful music will play in my home.
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    I'd quit WoW if it had housing. Most useless MMO feature since MUD rent cost.

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