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    any goblins hit the 17628 renew breakpoint yet?

    I have heard of shadow hitting it was wondering if anyone parse Holy with that breakpoint yet, would be pretty sick.

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    I do not believe we have seen very much use of renew this tier. I am honestly not sure why you would want more haste beyond the 16.65 breakpoint.

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    13163 is a powerful renew breakpoint, the next one I think would be hard to get to without being goblin at 17628. This would add another tick of renew glyphed, extremly powerful.


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    My opinion is that it is unlikely that going for that breakpoint would be worth it. Played correctly, most of your glyphed renews would adhere to the unglyphed breakpoint and additional haste would lower the refresh timer on those. From my experience, the real strength of the serenity playstyle is it's ability to maintain variable amounts of targeted throughput ranging from extremely to moderately efficient. Efficiency being dependent on not allowing effective renews to drop off so gearing for that breakpoint is just meh. I'd take that extra haste and go hard into crit if I didn't need the mana.

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    Technically it's not impossible to reach, but I have my doubts that any of the healers have that haste yet. You need to have almost all hc thunderforged upgraded pieces with haste on them, either have no set bonuses or use Megaera trinket and not go for most of the socket bonuses, gemming haste for most slots. That way you can reach something like ~18k but your spirit will be quite low (especially if using off-set items)...

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