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    Some were in Sdyney Australia

    Did every rleam go offline

    What just happened my realm dies and bunch other realms died and log on a realm that says online and it d/cs me =/
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    just happened to me on skullcrusher

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lioneil View Post
    What just happened my realm dies and bunch other realms died and log on a realm that says online and it d/cs me =/
    Same on Zul'jin

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    It appears to be trouble with a large portion of the realms. I'm sure Blizzard will fix it soon enough.

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    Cho'gall also. Probably the battlegroup.

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    Korgoth down.

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    Arthas is down as well.

    Edit: Sargeras also.

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    Cho'gall too. Im guessing somewhere there was some form of explosion =x

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    Suddenly got a 1000ms on Bleeding Hollow... so... and now can't connect.
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    keep getting stuck at 90% on loading screen =(

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    Sargeras down

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    I'd suggest not logging in as soon as the realm is back "online." I'm sure hundreds of people trying to log in at the same time isn't helping Blizzard with their current situation.

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    Alexstrasza down as well.

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    i got a huge lag spike, then dc'd logged into another server then it went down... now stuck on loading screen.

    I guess this is Blizz telling me i should get some sleep.

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    Only a handleful of servers are online atm

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    Zul'Jin down! omgggggg

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    Noooooo I was in LFR! I needed those bags of gold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eon Drache View Post
    Only a handleful of servers are online atm
    Yes, but even the ones that are online don't appear to be accessible. Anyone know what the situation is?

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    I am watching the server screen and i can see the servers going off and on, changing population from low to mid to high in the case of stormrage.

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