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    Why the fuck is this thread being unlocked?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveL View Post
    @ OP

    nope, you didn´t. Try again please.
    I'm a little sad that the OP didn't photoshop the date and add it as a source. Better luck next time OP.

    Quote Originally Posted by KorbenDallasMultipass View Post
    Would it kill you to write "What is your source?" instead of /10 characters?
    Would it kill you to stay on topic and not complain about such trivial things?

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    Oh look, it's that Pre-Cata expansion idea list. This is "acquired" info technically, but it's not leaked by any sense and has already been wrong. Sigh.

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    Just report and move on.

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    Considering their employees prob have to sign nondisclosure agreements as it is, I wouldn't be surprised if it was possible they might go after someone who really did have leaked info... so if someone actually somehow ever did, might want to not be too public about it.

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    I don't even remember that fake blue post existing the last time I saw this list, sometime in Wrath.

    That said, I do think a Legion expansion for the next one is quite likely, possibly going from 90 to 100. Or we'll get something else instead to deal with other issues (old gods? Azshara? beats me.), taking us to 95, with the Legion expansion following that intermediate expansion, and taking us to 100. Hitting that level 100 cap should be a big deal with the expansion we hit 100 being a similarly big deal, IMO. I can't see them raising the level cap over 100 easily, it gets kinda weird when it gets that high. "Oh, the cap is 105 now. *yawn*", so I also predict some sort of alternate character advancement by then.

    And that's just my own wild speculations.

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    Wasnt this just locked a few minutes ago?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theiea View Post
    Wasnt this just locked a few minutes ago?
    Its been locked then unlocked several times now for unknown reasons.

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    I was hoping this fake list would have died a horrible death when Cataclysm came out. And MoP should have left it in an unmarked grave, never to be seen again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Ethos- View Post
    Its been locked then unlocked several times now for unknown reasons.
    Thunderdome! Two mods enter, one mod leaves.

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    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand wheeeeeeeeeeere does this come from again? :S

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    Give the fake leaks a break please people.
    This is what, the third at least now that has been debunked pretty quickly.

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    I'm not sure why people think blizzard woulnd't go to 100 on their next expansion. They will probably announce this at blizzcon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buildapanda View Post
    I'm not sure why people think blizzard woulnd't go to 100 on their next expansion. They will probably announce this at blizzcon.

    Because there is no indication and 100 is just a #.

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    The leaked product slate that was proven to be false?
    Classic servers are silly.

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    That list was not fake: It was released when WOW was still in beta and it holds remarkably true given what we know now.

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    While the zones on that list are false, the main expansion theme has been correct the whole time hasn't it? If the themes ARE actually correct, then the next xpack WILL be a burning legion based expansion...

    Also, why is this being unlocked still? :s

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    Completely ignoring the guy that said he faked it, it has been very accurate. Elements of the "Plane Set" were clearly integrated into the "Maelstrom Set" to make Cataclysm, it even has playable Worgen planned (although it's following the pre-Cata lore for Worgen [summoned from Xoroth!]). If Burning Legion is next, like everyone is expecting, it's really been mostly right. Pandaria isn't represented here because the decision to go there was changed midway through the planning process of another expansion. What if this other expansion that got scrapped was based around tying up the loose ends left over from the Maelstrom/Planes section of this list that wasn't used in Cataclysm? And when they were developing the panda bit, figured it was cool enough to make an entire expansion out of it?

    The small differences are explained by the fact that plans change over time. The only big difference is that we didn't end up going to the Emerald Dream at all.

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