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    Dragonslayer by far. It's so incredibly basic and cliche, but that's why I love it. The fact that my name is Dragonslayr makes it even funnier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MissLulu View Post
    Does that even exist? ;p
    Yes, as far i as know, mine was clear
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    grand crusader toc sucked but the title for a paladin rocks.

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    I'd say the Immortal due to the number of things that could go wrong in one lockout. Especially when at the time there was quite a bit of server instability on the bigger servers. I remember d/c'ing every other fight in Naxx.

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    Celestial Defender > Death's Demise > The Immortal > Conqueror of Ulduar > Grand Crusader

    I don't really think of Grand Crusader as highly as the other titles even though it should probably be ahead of Conqueror of Ulduar.

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    the Flamebreaker and Champion of the Frozen Wastes. Mainly because I got those 2 when they were current.

    Flamebreaker was just constant grinding of Molten Front (I got the hippogryph as well, got literally everything but one of the named mobs on the bombing run while it was still current, so I got it in like 4.3 I think).

    And Champion of the Frozen Wastes because it marked the times that I pug raided in WotLK. Good times.
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    Dragonslayer, Firelord, and Savior of Azeroth all pre nerf. A) They're cool. B) They were fucking hard to get pre nerfs.

    I have Corporal on my hunter which was given before they removed the old pvp titles. I wear it every now and then, some people would notice that I hadn't actually participated in an rbg and be stumped.

    I'd also say the Immortal. No one dying in a fight? Holy damn hell that was hard, batman.
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    Not the BC ones, Undying, Champion of the Frozen wastes, etc. Sorry no...everyone who actually wanted those titles got those eventually.

    Going to go with realm first titles from wrath...Magic Seeker, Grand Crusader, Death's Demise, Celestial Defender etc...Gladiator depending on the class/season...Grand Marshal/High Warlord from Vanilla...Scarab Lord, depends since some guilds were cheesing the achiev if I remember correctly.

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    I am quite proud of my "Battlemaster", "Herald of the Titans" and my "Salty" title (the German "translation" of salty kicks donkeys )
    Also I WAS proud of my "of the Horde" title until everybody and their grandparent's dog got their kills added together and so reached the 100k. :-/ But it was fun at that time...
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    Probably "Champion" from rank 10 pvp in Classic. Especially since it is not accountwide. Though it was more a grind than anything.

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    rank 1 titles from pvp

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    No titles are prestigous it's a game

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    Salty! By far! By a mile! By a year!
    Ridiculous this is... Yes, something very ridiculous is happening in here!

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    Knight and Grand Crusader.

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    Brawler. That shit ain't easy as a melee.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheNationGamer View Post
    No titles are prestigous it's a game
    Thank you Captain Killjoy, we always need someone like you in every thread.

    Scarab Lord trumps every single title this game has, after it I would say the realm first level 80 raid titles and after them Grand Crusader.

    For PvP I would say Arena Master > Gladiator > High Warlord.

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    To me its the Hc last boss kill achive title of the current tier. Especialy verry early in the tier.

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    Firelord. Worked hard to get that title and it saddens me to see every tom, dick and harry with it now since you can go back and power through it much, much easier then before.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lohe View Post
    If you're semi-hardcore or semi-casual what's the other half? To me, they're both the same thing.
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    Brawler. Got it at ilvl 505 and proud of it.

    Even when total mouthbreathers are running around with ilvl 520+ from SoO LFR, I still don't think the title will be that common. Takes a bit more skill/coordination than a majority of players have. And let's face it, keyboard turners and action bar clickers will never get past GG engineering anyway.

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