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    Ain't joining them greenskins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jigowatt View Post
    As far as joining the opposite faction, it wouldn't be possible. They wouldn't accept each other.
    Thats not necessarily true. We don't have enough knowledge on the subject to say that.

    Remember that Lor'Themar was recently considering joining the Alliance and was going to meet with Varian. It would've been interesting to see how that played out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phyl View Post
    Hum the silver convenant is NOT a rogue faction of the blood elves...
    Yes they are. They were exiled from Quel'thalas by Regent Lord Lor'Themar after the Blood Elves had long been 'Blood' Elves, due to political differences.
    Quote Originally Posted by Phyl View Post
    In fact they are High elves (yes true ones, look blue eyes, no corruption), they always have been.
    They style themselves as such. They are Blood Elves who want things to be the way they were before the scourge, wretchedness, and Kael'Thas fucked everything up (un spire of the irreversible and inescapable implications of these catastrophes).

    Quote Originally Posted by Phyl View Post
    They always have been Alliance, blood elves rejected the Alliance after the affair with that dumb Garithos.
    Incorrect again. By the time Garithos and the Kirin Tor of Dalaran co-operated in the attempted genocide of the Blood Elven race, there was no 'Alliance'. The 'Alliance the Elves were once a part of (the Alliance of Lordaeron) was defeated and scattered by the Arthas. The new Alliance which the Elves of Quel'Thalas were never a part of (The Alliance of Stormwind) wasn'y yet formed. Also note that at the time that Garithos tried to exterminate the Elves, all of them were happily called Blood Elves, the schism of 'High Elves' hadn't yet happened.

    The Garithos incident can't really be blamed upon the new Alliance of Stormwind, and formed only a lesser of many reasons behind the later accession of the Blood Elves to the Horde.

    Quote Originally Posted by Phyl View Post
    The crisis that changed the Queldorei didn't change them, they changed most of them. The ones that weren't affected are the High elves, and the Kirin tor ones call themselves the Silver Covenant.
    Actually, the 'conscientious objectors' aka the 'High Elves' were very much affected, some went mad and turned into wretched as a result of their obstinance. Those that didn't were a lucky few who presumably were able to feed upon magic elsewhere, either from Kal'dorei moonwells, something in Dalaran, or perhaps something else.

    Quote Originally Posted by Phyl View Post
    You got it all backwards.
    No, I really didn't.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chonar View Post
    A lot of this is simply false.
    You need to be more specific.
    Quote Originally Posted by Chonar View Post
    Blood Elf / High Elf distinction is both political and physical.
    Never said it wasn't.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chonar View Post
    Political, it means you either follow or followed Kael'thas at some point (the former being killable NPCs/mobs in TBC content) and are now allied to the Horde.
    This is a little off. All Blood Elves and 'High Elves' followed Kael'Thas initially. He was the legitimate heir and Crown Prince. The Schism came later in his reign when he responded to the crisis of arcane hungering with the mandatory consumption of fel magic (to stave of wretchedness). Lor'Themar, acting ruler in Quel'Thalas exiled the objectors (who had no good alternatives, remember) as in that time of crisis, unity was essential.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chonar View Post
    Physical, it means you were present in or around Silvermoon during the time that Kael'thas has demons imported to siphon from, the radiant fel energies being enough to turn your eyes green. Even if you personally didn't taste demonic power, the mere nearby presence of the siphoning act being commited was enough to prompt a physical change.
    Indeed. The Blood Elves who objected to this were exiled, renamed themselves 'High Elves' and obviously weren't present as such to become tainted. Some went wretched with hunger, others sought refuge in Dalaran and the New Alliance far to the South.

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    Oi! Hey you! Will you check out my latest podcast episode that discusses tomb raiders & curses!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mokoshne View Post
    Bran Bronzebeard is a bit of a rebel treasure hunter
    Bran Bronzebeard, like Harrison Jones, is a bit like Indiana Jones in The Last Crusade; not a fan of Nazis but willing to work with a German. Similarly, The explorer's league is an Alliance faction based out of Ironforge; but has on occasion worked with heroes nominally in the Horde in an academic capacity.

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