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    Enchant Scaling Bible of 5.4

    I already posted this in another thread, but it might be overlooked. Someone did an awesome job putting every single enchant and gem in a spreadsheet, that shows what each enchant does on each level.

    So if you are looking for the best enchants on your Twink, Heirlooms, or simply because you are an enchant freak, this is the 5.4 Enchanting Bible

    5.4 Enchanting Scaling Spreadsheet

    Edit, Credits go to Aelobin - The Maelstrom EU!
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    This is definitely handy.

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    That is very useful, thanks for sharing! Shame the original author isn't around to take credit for their work.

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    Good find, thank you!

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    Tons of missing enchants. Has anyone figured out the 'formula' being used to scale up/down yet? I'd hope blizz didn't manually enter numbers for every level/bracket of every enchant.

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    Just bumping this, with 5.4 being released and all. I can't yet speak for how accurate it is yet though.

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    So far it has been accurate for me!

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    The author is listed in the bottom right of the first page unless some bad person deleted it. If so- he has a Twink Info website, Twitter, and YouTube channel:

    Created by Aelobin The Maelstrom EU.

    I cannot post links yet but you can Google him.

    He is also the author of Mogit!
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    Viewing in simple list mode due to high traffic to this document. OK
    Come on guys, get off so I can view it. :<<<

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    Small bump, this doc is just way to useful to stay hidden. Your lvl 1 Rogue actually feels way to powerfull dualwielding mongoose, good fun.

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    This should be stickied, so many times I've trowled the internet looking for exactly this sort of tool and to find exactly what I wanted hidden away on MMO champ!

    There may be some errors in it though. It states Crusader as giving 100 strength all the way to 90 when infact it only gives 100 strength up to 60, from that point it becomes weaker with every level.. At level 90 Crusader actually gives 0 strength. Pretty stupid but that's how it works currently... Originally before the enchant scaling feature it scaled down to 60 strength when you were above level 60.
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