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    Quote Originally Posted by zito View Post
    Dont hate on black ranger yo! >: |

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lazuli View Post
    New medium armor is useless until they release a set without a butt cape.
    I don't mind the butt cape, I think the medium armor is probably one of my favorites, for human female at least.

    Of course, my ranger's a sylvari and my thief is an asura, and neither of them look as good with it...

    Guess it's time to make that engineer again.

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    By the same token, the Heavy armor doesn't look heavy (in the sense of metal, maybe sheer weight), but I don't have a charr with heavy armor to highlight it. That helmet looks just silly on an asura.

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    Maybe it's just me but I really like the new medium Magitech armor in the gem store:

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    The heavy one looks awesome on Asura.

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    Tonight in Lion's Arch, Phoenix Armor, Phoenix Armor everywhere.

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    Light looks great on females, boring on males. The other ones are whatever.

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    For the past few armor sets, I havent liked the heavy armor styles. But I do like the medium which is useless for my warrior.

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    I wonder where male winged armor has... wings xD

    Black ranger is awesome :O But a little bitchy xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roudene View Post
    Awww that female light armor looks nice but 800 gems... And gems are expensive lately. I'd prefer to buy character slot but armor looks pretty... I can't decide!
    Yeah, I'd intended to get the phoenix armor until I realized I'd have to buy 80 more gems to do it and then I won't have anything left for whenever bank slots go on sale again, so I don't know.

    Quote Originally Posted by Svifnymr View Post
    I don't mind the butt cape, I think the medium armor is probably one of my favorites, for human female at least.
    That 'cape' was an instant no sale to me. If they'd left it as thigh highs with a mini skirt/shorts/skort/whatever it is it would have looked hot, but with that drape in the back it looks like half the other leather sets.

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