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    Its legendary because it has orange text. That's all that matters to the current generation of WoW players, the principal and logic of "legendary" is irrelevant to them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShimmerSwirl View Post
    Its legendary because it has orange text. That's all that matters to the current generation of WoW players, the principal and logic of "legendary" is irrelevant to them.
    The devaluation of legendaries was inevitable what with the homogenisation and casualification of the game. Whether it's good or bad, the concept of what a legendary is has shifted in WoW and is now different. Just like everything in the game it changes. Whether the changes are good or bad, is up for debate. Personally i thing both sides of the argument are solid and have merit.

    Why can't there be both a legendary drop & one you work for in the same tier or expansion?
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    I like it better now because when you see somone that has it, you know that person put in time, determination, and patience to obtain it.

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    Oh, I can't afk with it in SW/OG so people can be amazed at the size of my penis. THE HUMANITY! WOW IS DEAD! ETC!

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    Legendary, at least by a simple definition, says to me that it's very lore heavy. The current legendaries are very lore heavy. That doesn't make me want to do the quest though. Amazingly, all I really knew about the Warglaives of Azzinoth was that Illidan used them and that made it my favorite legendary of all time. I have 3 sets of glaives atm: DK, Rogue, War. Need it on my monk next lol. (I have good RNG luck)

    Legendary =/= special snowflake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noggis View Post
    Oh, I can't afk with it in SW/OG so people can be amazed at the size of my penis. THE HUMANITY! WOW IS DEAD! ETC!
    They'll still get to do that with the new Legendary Cloaks (with their animations) in the next patch.

    Everyone wins! Yay

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    Quote Originally Posted by Celticmoon View Post
    They'll still get to do that with the new Legendary Cloaks (with their animations) in the next patch.
    I thought animations were there only when it procced? Or did I miss something?

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    Well first, I'm going to have to call BS on the OP claiming that it only took him three weeks to get the meta and the cape after being away for three months.

    Side rant with math here: Suppose we assume that he had all the secrets before he left. That's already a difficult prospect considering three months and three weeks ago would be early April, meaning he'd have had a month to get twenty secrets, so he'd already be extraordinarily lucky. The only way he could have gotten so many in so little time was by raiding with a highly progressed guild, for it would be figuratively impossible to do that in LFR alone considering its staggered release (assuming he quit the first week of April, that would be 3+6+6+9=24 possible chances, meaning he'd need to get a secret off of almost every boss, incredibly unlikely). Logically, that would mean he only couldn't progress because Nalak wasn't unlocked yet, which is fair.

    But even if that was the only thing standing in his way of the meta, that would mean he got four or five runestones a week over the past three weeks, when most everyone I've read about is lucky to get one or two, even after the change to make Lei Shen's guaranteed. I've only gotten three over two weeks so far, and I was surprised to even get one extra one.

    Either there's astronomical luck involved, or he's exaggerating to try to back up his own claims of "legendaries aren't legendary anymore because I said so."

    Sorry about that, but anywho.

    Blizzard themselves have admitted that legendaries have probably caused more problems than they're worth. Legendaries are the source of constant guild drama: who gets the first one, who gets the second, the pecking order afterwards, arguments over who deserves it more, guilds poaching players with legendaries, "hey I'm gonna give the legendary to my girlfriend," players with legendaries willingly jumping ship the moment they get theirs, and so on and so forth. They also have created an expectation of what class/spec "deserves" a legendary next, based on how long it's been since X class has had one or "but Bliiiiiiizz, I neeeeeeeed a legendary."

    I play an enhancement shaman. If you consider how the class is currently designed, my spec has NEVER had a legendary weapon for it. Yes, Sulfuras was amazing for us back in Classic, but it doesn't work for the design of the class ever since we started dual-wielding. Even if you say that Sulfuras still counts as a legendary for enhance, that still means we haven't had a legendary since the very first one.

    Man, I was so sure that we'd get one at the end of Cataclysm. Sure, Dragonwrath could be used by shaman, but only elemental. Hey, it was the shaman expansion! All about the elements! I was CERTAIN that enhance would finally get some legendary love...and then rogues got it instead.

    But hey, Mists was on the horizon, and it had a dual-wielding class newly introduced! What better way to drum up interest in the new class than a dual-wielded legendary for it that enhance could also use (a la DKs and Shadowmourne, although I don't think DKs really needed the help by then). Nope, turns out everyone got a legendary instead, and a cloak at that.

    But y'know what? I'm fine with that. I'm actually really fucking happy about that.

    Why? For one, no more guild drama revolving around legendaries. But for another, because I don't care if everyone else has one. If they do, then congrats, they've earned it. You can complain about people getting it through LFR, but so what? Does it really matter to you if they have? At the very least, it shows that they've put in the time and effort to complete the questline and earn their cloak, as well as a bunch of other goodies along the way (+500 stat gem (admittedly only useful for the first tier, shame about that), weapon socket(s), and a legendary metagem). It shows dedication, the willingness to work towards a goal. A guy who only runs LFR sporadically won't have it anytime soon, it's not like press butan receev cloak or anything like that.

    In the end, legendary is what you make of it. In much the same way that "common" items are rarer now than "uncommon," that "rare" is hardly that, and that "epic" is so overused to have lost all meaning, "legendary" can mean whatever the fuck Blizz wants it to mean.

    Maybe if you beg hard enough, they'll let you have Artifact-level items next expansion.

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    I aswell feel the lack of 'legendary' feeling to these legendaries. I do however think its an awesome way of getting better loot. I myself aint calling it legendary though. Would be cool if it was just epic quality, these type of quests for items are really cool. And then have some RNG based legendaries aswell or class restricted(and normal/heroic only available) items.

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    People stopped caring about items yet they still want them all, including Legendaries.

    Epic stopped being "epic" in every sense of the word.
    Legendaries stopped being "legendary" in every sense of the word.

    They're now just names.
    Sucks? Yeah. But we can't have anything nice with the casualites crying for everything

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reyzzz View Post
    Everyone has legendary in diablo 3 yet its still legendary.

    Point is, you don't get to define it.
    Yeah, because Diablo and WoW are the same game.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nerraw View Post
    If you're in LFR gear, you actually have to use your brain to get past the 5.3 portion. Those who raid and know how to play will get it as soon as they can, those who don't possess those qualities won't. Isn't that what every legendary is about? Rewarding those who actually can play?
    well put .................
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    while i do not like the idea of a legendary cloak * i wanted a weapon*

    not everyone is going to have it.

    like in my guild we finally just got normal mode leishein kill *to bad i was not in for that kill last week* but i am 10/12 normal my self

    but i am the only one on the runestones, now there is like 2 on secrets but most are not even past the 5.1 stage because they didn't bother.

    the legendary will be more common then previous ones, but not everyone and there mom is going to have one

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    Quote Originally Posted by Batmoonn View Post
    some top guilds had them some didnt , thats exclusivity and its finest , thats what having a legendary should be about right now in MOP.
    It wasn't exclusivity it was a lottery. Which is stupid.
    Quote Originally Posted by Elrandir View Post
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    Legendary pertains to power, you wont find an epic of that content tier that outstrips it. It does not mean rarity.

    Gonna call this a textbook case of "special snowflake syndrome". it doesn't matter that people like op get their legendary, only that others cant and know it.

    Its all pixels and imaginary bollocks at the end of the day, deal with it and move on.

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    I think you may be surprised how few people end up getting the legendary cloaks in this expansion.
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    I always wanted Atiesh. I never saw that staff ever that I can recall.

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    Thing is gear use to FEEL epic. Part of the reason it dont anymore is the way entry level raiding is handled. Instead of 5man heroics then normal raiding its buy pvp gear and que for LFR. Faceroll LFR then if you get into a guild thats starting on NORMAL raids then is "omg this shit is to hard". Thats the LFR crowd. Thats PART of whats wrong with this game.
    They added no real catch up like they did with say LK.
    When A new tier came out in LK you had NEW 5 mans at one point or another (maybe only 2 at a time but still) - (with better gear than the old 5 mans) and new JP/valor gear to buy that was on par or a bit higher than the old 5 mans. It was fun IT WORKED!
    MoP brought NO new 5 mans (only xpac that hasnt) and has the worst catch up system of any xpac and the most alt unfriendly the rep bonus thing for alts is nice thats it.
    That on top of the fact that the GD valor cap is so low and it can literally take 2-3 weeks to buy one item from a REP vendor!
    Thats another thing REP items cost GD gold not valor if they changed that then gearing up wouldnt be to bad.
    If you are a new player/first toon then getting rep is horrible then blizz tells the player save for 3 weeks for 1 item.... and if that item gets replaced the next day or 2 from say LFR wel then you are fukd out of 3 weeks time trying to better your toon.

    Vanilla/BC/LK/Cata were all gold buys for a rep vendors items (outside of the rare occasion where they cost some kind of currency from a daily or w/e ice crown tournament dailies for example). Why they changed it beats the hell out of me.

    Now the "LFR casual crowd" has ruined this game so much that everyone gets a legendary?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Batmoonn View Post

    so im guessing most people prefer if all the raiders have it on the server ? then it pretty much becomes an epic weapon.
    Way to get defensive.

    Atiesh was rare. Get with the times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myrandron View Post
    It's not the number of people who can get it, it's the work that you put into it to get it. It's the best quality and it is top tier overall, it takes long hours of work and it is supposed to be special as aside to just a normal epic item.
    totally agree
    I have cloak already on warlock main
    but not going do it aon any alt
    enjoyed story, and not going to same stuff and lose more tiem on alts

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