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    There's something about water that I never want to traverse through it. In a nonflying zone I sometimes even go the long way around a lake rather than swim through. It's always been like this, even in 2D platformers of early 90's. The flora isn't to my liking either, same with the fauna, they just don't appeal to me. I love air, the freedom and lack of restriction of it, so perhaps that's why I don't like underwater.

    I do like surface water themes, though. Islands, seafaring, ships, porttowns, pirates etc. those I love.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarac View Post
    So your telling us the controls are fine since you didn't explain anything about that. You are saying you find it too "hard" to be aware of your surroundings.

    I can only see one having issues with surroundings if one is a clicker, otherwise I don't know any oher explenation next to just being bad.
    So you are saying that if you are standing on the ground and are looking up the camera controls are perfect? Seriously?

    Not to mention annoying stuff like when you blink you always blinks forwards, even though you are swimming upwards. Abilities with a targeting circle, like flamestrike and blizzard, doesn't work and the list goes on and on and on. The game is obviously designed to be played on a 2d plane.
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    It was just much simpler and efficient to level in Hyjal instead of Vasjir. IMO Blizzard's big mistake was making the zone so time consuming compared to Hyjal.

    There can still be a water themed expansion without actual underwater zones though with zones like Deepholme.

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    I wouldn't mind a small amount of them but an entire expansion or even half based around underwater content would be far too much. In my opinion they are simply annoying and slower to level through.

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    Underwater is always awful. Ground abilities/circle targeting doesn't work properly. Movement skills don't work properly. It feels slower, it's clunky and awkward. Ranges on abilities/mob aggro are fucked up. There's a LOT of visual clutter (air bubbles, ambient fish, mobs, random doodads, OTT plant-life) compared to running in a field. Underwater mobs often have the most annoying abilities such as slows/immobilise/cc/poisons etc.

    Just a few reasons I will always hate underwater areas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grubjuice View Post
    3D spacial reasoning is super hard and stuff
    The fact is that some of us do have a hard time with 3D environments.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gamez View Post
    The only reason why some people don't like fighting etc in underwater levels/environments is because they are clickers that will fail miserably.

    Its time to use those monthly millions blizzard! get something done for crying out loud. 15$ times 5 mill every 2 months and we're still getting patches annoyingly slow.
    Not a clicker, hated Vashj'ir. Quit being stupid, sweeping generalizations are bad.

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    I might be the rare one but i loved vash.
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    because of OoT water temple?

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    Lol, well that's a balanced response. 165 yes 166 no. I don't like not being able to use aimed AoE because there's no ground.

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    Absolutely loved it and I think the freshness it brings is great. However lvling as a frost mage in that area was a pain in the @$$ since casting pet nova was... well rather difficult

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    im impressed by how 50-50 the pole on the waterzones are.
    when i voted myself, it was 1 vote in favor. later it was 1 vote agianst and now i check it a 3rd time its perfectly even.

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    Yes I like 3D underwater levels such as Vash'jir, but no, I dislike how Blizzard implemented it.

    If they could do it again but... better, I'd actually love to give it another try.

    PS: 2D underwater levels/3D with bad swimming controls can go fuck themselves (I'M LOOKIN' AT YOU, DIRE, DIRE DOCKS!)
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    Vash was simply the victim of too much of a transition from the more typical combat and leveling situation that most players had been conditioned to for 2 expansion and vanilla before it. People just couldnt readily adapt to it. As well they didnt expand on the underwater zone raid wise as was once considered so it was another blow to the zone(as assumed there would've been more activity in the zone possible due to it for a time). A shame though overall. There could have been so much more done and players could've been steered into adapting better.

    Only nice thing from its unpopular situation was that it made farming certain mobs(like the seahorse mount) that much easier with much less competition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wildberry View Post
    Not a clicker, hated Vashj'ir. Quit being stupid, sweeping generalizations are bad.
    He never said only clickers disliked it, but picture yourself being a clicker and having to level through an entire water zone. He can love the zone as much as he liked, if he is a clicker he will have more or faster issues then a keybinder. That's not an opinion, that is a fact.

    Quote Originally Posted by Polarthief View Post
    Yes I like 3D underwater levels such as Vash'jir, but no, I dislike how Blizzard implemented it.

    If they could do it again but... better, I'd actually love to give it another try.

    PS: 2D underwater levels/3D with bad swimming controls can go fuck themselves (I'M LOOKIN' AT YOU, DIRE, DIRE DOCKS!)
    This one is a good example of someone who doesn't know what he doesn't like about it. The controls are the same as on land, just as the camera is the same, just as it's the same as controlling a flying mount.

    If the true issue would be controls then we would have had complaints about flying mounts. People are just stupid and don't know what they like/dislike.
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    I loved Vash too, really a beautiful zone and I didn't have too many problems targeting, killing, or moving around. I mean sometimes it can be tricky figuring out how close you have to be to something, but they did a really great job of making something I used to hate in WoW(doing anything underwater) into something fun.

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    I liked Vashj'ir except when balance druids would attack me by spamming moonfire and then shifting into aquatic form to escape at 400% speed.

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    As a Melee, the zone really wasn't enjoyable at all, and I'd rather not see the idea revisited. Parts of it were neat and it was okay as a one time thing, but I'd rather not see more of that type of thing. Slowly swimming toward enemies that you have to be directly on top of to attack....yeah, no thanks.

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    I thought it was fantastic! The story line was great, the scenery even better, and the 3D feel was totally unique! That being said, I don't think there is any need for another one. But if they can come up with something else as original as that zone then I will joyfully play through it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darmalus View Post
    A 2d screen is a terrible way to covey a 3d environment. That naga that looks in arms reach in front of me is actually well out of agro range and behind me. I have to spin my camera wildly to find the guy harpooning me. Plus the mini map has crude, at best, indicators of up/down.

    It's just a very frustrating experience.

    The zone, itself, was gorgeous.
    Uh yeah pretty much what this guy said. Playing a melee dps in any 3D fight is a giant kick in the testicles, gauging distance is considerably more difficult, and the awkward floating up and down movement is slow and frustrating compared to standard grounded fights. All said and done I wouldn't mind limited underwater environments as long as major content like raids were not designed around them.
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