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    The funny part? This so called "casuals" that you talk about... don't post anywhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ComputerNerd View Post
    Another rant from an arrogant player too damn short sighted to see exactly what the problem for casuals really is.
    Time commitment, not skill.
    I don't know about anyone else but even when I had the time, I didn't want to spend more than half of my free time tied up with WoW or any other game. I play lots of things with all kinds of differing difficulties. I also like to do things like go to movies, read books, watch TV, visit with friends and generally lead a real life outside of video games.

    Yeah, the OP cares way too much about what everyone else is doing. My question to him is why does it matter? Find people in the game that sync with your abilities, interests and time requirements and ignore everyone and everything else. I'm not insecure about anything. What does it say about yourself that you worry about this enough to start a thread about it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by nih View Post
    At first I had no idea why you would want to remove heroic, then I read the next paragraph. Let me try to parse what you might be trying to say here ... are you saying .... "screw everyone who isn't as good as me, screw everyone better than me, screw everyone who isn't me, why doesn't blizzard build the game specifically for me?"

    Did I interpret you correctly?

    Also, if the game is a joke and you still haven't beaten it or even approached it in its intended difficulty after this many months, what does that make you? I dare say that your self-proclaimed hardcore-ness is also a joke.

    dude i can kill heroics i'm just in a less progressed guild that is clearing normal. I have to start somewhere, I just came back from a long back at patch 5.3 lol, give me a break... If you used your brain the reason I said remove heroic was because normal should be "heroic"

    If you play holy paladin, I bet i'd out perform you easily lol

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    The only surprise I have from clicking on this troll-bait-laden thread is that it made it to 3 pages and hasn't been locked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caballitomalo View Post
    The funny part? This so called "casuals" that you talk about... don't post anywhere.

    Uhh have you bothered to read this thread? All I see are abunch of casual QQ, wondering why other people like me are peeved when their ruining the experience for EVERYONE with their whiney bickering and lax mind set.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jahasafrat View Post
    Exactly this. And how does other players' enjoyment of game features you don't use affect how much you enjoy the parts you do use? I'm not entirely sure the OP actually knows what "insecure" means.
    Guys I think you are calling "hardcore player" to actually "average players." I was a "average player" in I raided 2 times a week with my guild we just had to inform everyone about raid days and keep on with our lifes the rest of the week. This is average and I was doing content EASILY....2 times a week is not hordcore guys common spare me.
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    Starting a thread generalizing everyone who doesn't agree with you is never a great way to begin one, and continuing to heckle people who disagree throughout said thread is no better.


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