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    You didn't really answer his question though, why exactly does this bother you? It makes the game feel rewarding. If people are raiding 8-16 hours/week, or even more, they want to feel rewarded. That's why we see large gear upgrades in raids over the course of an expansion, and also why new characters going into a new expansion see massive upgrades. I *love* getting to a new expansion on alts and seeing these massive upgrades, it makes leveling more fun and rewarding.

    Why would people want to spend 8-16 hours a week raiding for minor stat upgrades that don't really make all that big of a difference? The gear gaps are there because they are a large part of the game being fun, at the current ilvl, if we were only getting +10 main stat upgrades per piece of gear, it wouldn't even be noticeable with a full set of new tier gear. There would be no real reason to put tons of effort into raiding for most people, and many people would quit because their basically "gear capped" already. There are other MMOs out there, like GW2, that allow you to spend hours and hours doing dungeons and raids for virtually no stat difference in gear. The #1 complaint I see on GW2's forums is the fact there is nothing to do because there's no gear worth getting.
    Exactly my point. When I got my item level 600 cloak, I marveled at how it had huge amounts of my primary stats (not to mention a good chunk of secondary stats). That was a massive, 86-item-level upgrade for me. We all know how much RNG is involved in obtaining said item; what would be the point if we're all scaled back to piddly numbers and stat gains? The huge jump in stats is a great motivator for people to stick with challenges/time sinks like the Wrathion quest line.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Durandro View Post
    Its Blizzard's fault for adding so many tiers and demi-tiers to expansions, and the players' fault for constantly demanding more and whining when there's not a big enough gear jump between expansions.

    Blizzard are fixing the problem.

    Players will not suffer for it in the slightest. You'll suffer as much as losing 90% of your wages when all items become 90% cheaper - i.e. not in the slightest.
    Yes, you just forgot the part where you go to visit your neighbor country (old expansion content) only to notice that they only reduced everything by 80% so you actually lost buying power when compared to other countries(expansions). All is fine and dandy if you stay in your own country(current expansion). Too bad many of us like to travel. Global world, eh?

    Technically it was Blizzard's fault but I think it was unintentional. They were shortsighted when they planned things in the earlier parts of wow. Didn't really think wow would go on so long. Add in extra tiers they didn't plan for and you have a problem arising. They aren't there for nothing. I'm sure they saw it forming long ago but the devs chose to use the practice used by politicians; bury their heads in sand. Out of sight, out of mind and hoped they wouldn't be there when things start hitting the fan and someone has to fix it. Ilvl jumps were and are needed tho.

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    Yes Item Squish is very important for the Longevity of the game. These numbers in MoP are just "out there" need to be brought down to earth levels again. More manageable numbers to have to deal with. I'm all pro Item Squish

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geodew View Post
    Who cares how the item squish FEELS. More importantly, it'll be easier on everyone's CPU to calculate arithmetic with lower numbers, making running add-ons like Recount and Skada much less taxing on your computer, probably significantly improving the performance of mid-grade machines in LFRs and 25mans, and ESPECIALLY world bosses. Anyone else remember freezing, 0 fps for a couple seconds, on your first couple Sha of Anger or Galleon pulls ever? Happened to lots of guildies of mine, and with my high-end machine I even got a couple freezes. People had to disable Recount until they optimized their code better.
    Tune down graphics? seriously don't u realize what causes the freeze? its damn frame rate! bcz with the fight going on and with all kinda animation from players, mobs, boss and environment, ur graphics card is just bent on its knee. its no numbers that's making the freeze, its the graphics!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Windytusks View Post
    Serious question: Why does this bother you? Specifically, why are you sick of ... numbers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unholyground View Post
    You have to realize they are working with a 12 year old game engine that they cannot rebuild because it would alienate a lot of the player base that still use low end pc's, so the item crunch is the only way.
    My low end old PC could handle the numbers just fine, it was not my Processor crying because i was hitting for 100k, it was my graphics card crying when i attempted for Sha kill. will all things going on, the frame rate crawled down to like 5. U want the game playable on low end PC? ask for graphics squish, not numbers u r hitting for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azrile View Post
    I think the reason for it is 2 things. First, it is a display issue. For combat logs, and on our screens, there is just too many numbers flying around and it is too fast. it makes it unreadable. the second is a performance issue... the more digits in a number, the more bits it requires.

    I agree with you about the brief adjustment phase, but I think people would get over it fast. In questing, you basically know how many spells kill a quest mob... the numbers aren´t that important.. if you miss, you know you will need another one, if you crit maybe one less.. but in most cases.. 5-7 spells kill a quest mob. In dungeons.. you are doing your rotation regardless.. and most people have bosses on %´s... the actual numbers are very unimportant except for epeen.
    With all ur rationality, u fail to understand that the same bytes need to be allocated for numbers within the capacity of datatypes. and for ur record systems r far more capable for worrying about "bit assignment". too many number flying around? stop the combat floating text or MSBT, recount/skada already show u nicely formatted numbers to analyze. there u go. Its all what u think.

    And to be honest, if we will be doing relatively same damage and all the shit. here comes the question, why bother the change anyway? oh wait "big numbers scares me! i can't sleep at night! squish them! squish them hard!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by lazzy View Post
    If you or anyone else playing WoW are against the item squish just because " Dah, Big numbers man" you're retarded.

    Who cares about the "casuals". They're the reason the games gone down hill since the end of LK. Funny how the easier the game got the more subs WoW lost huh? The harder WoW was Vanilla - BC up to LK, we had the most subs and it was rising.

    If you're so dumb that you can't grasp the concept that you will still be the same in power as you are now with lower numbers, than by all means quit the game.

    Tired of seeing retards crying about their "big numbers".

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    Peace, please never come back.
    Casuals pays the bill buddy, news flush for u! So u want casuals paying for making the game harder so u elitist hardcores can enjoy ur fun? u r beyond crazy and retarded!

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    Awesome Blizzard art!

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