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    protection paladin for heroic dark animus

    Greetings, few years lurker here. First time to post here! YAY!

    I have 2 questions about heroic Dark Animus. We're close to beat this fight, but I need to know something.

    One time, a tank died and I had 2 massive golems and the boss on me. I somehow thought to clear Explosive Slams with my Divine Shield. It seems to be working, and I survived with these guys for another 1 minute.

    My question is: Is it possible to clear Explosive Slams debuff with my Hand of Protection? If yes, is it possible for me to handle 2 Massive Golems for the whole fight?

    Thank you!

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    It's a magic debuff, so no.

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    No, only divine shield works :/
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    As stated above, only divine shield works.

    Tanking 2 Golems is totally possible. Depends on your gear and your setup abit, but alot of guilds are playing with 2 tanks. Just make sure you dont let them sync up their hits so you dont get globaled (ie. dont activate them badly).

    It's only gonna get hairy towards the end when your Golems have alot empowers on them. You can reset your stacks a second time by having your Maintank taunt them both back (first one then the other). He needs to have CDs available for that part though.

    You will probably just be better off to have your Golem lower than the other so your Golem gets all the empowers and your Maintank tanks the other one. Just tauntswitch Golems to clear stacks as needed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Riemu2k3 View Post
    ... alot of guilds are playing with 2 tanks. Just make sure you dont let them sync up their hits so you dont get globaled (ie. dont activate them badly)...
    Only works for 10s. I was globaled yesterday, as a massive hit me for 870k at 2 stacks of debuff. Ok, i was not prepared to take them, but our OT died.

    I am still wondering, if it's possible to cheat the debuff with the matter swap mechanic. Tanking the massive far right or left would cause the tank to be swapped into the middle. With LAotL or speed of light one could run to the opposite side. If the time is not enough, using a portal from the opposite side back to the middle should be possible. Remember, you lose aggro for ~10sec after using portal, but the massive should face the MT meanwhile and you can taunt right before it reaches him.

    Just an idea...

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    When the massive casts Explosive Slam, it's basically an "on next hit". So even if you run across the room or get matter swapped, when he reaches you he hits you with it. We've never figured out a way to avoid a slam other than being a DK.

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