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    Converge (25M) - 14/14H - 4 Days/Week - Alliance

    Converge is a recent (26th June 2013) merge between various players from various guilds on Khadgar; namely Covenant, Monas Hieroglyphica and Tactical Solutions looking to make a strong 25-man team.

    We're looking for great players who are looking to complete each tier before the next who are prepared to do what is necessary to get there.

    Previous Progression

    T15: 13/13HC



    Priest: Shadow

    Shaman: Elemental

    We are looking for exceptional DPS of any class for SoO farm as well as looking for great applications from everybody going forward into WoD.

    Raid Day and Times

    We raid on Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday, starting at 20:00 and finishing between 23:00 and 23:30 server.


    Guild website/forum: http://converge-guild.com
    Wowprogress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/khadgar/Converge/

    Guild Atmosphere

    During progression raids we expect our members to stay focused throughout and play to the best of their ability. Generally if someone makes a mistake they are expected to own up to it and explain how they will avoid it in future. We run a large roster so that if someone is having a recurring issue with a particular mechanic, we have the option to swap them out.

    Farm content is a lot more relaxed and usually when the banter comes out!

    As you would expect we have striven to build a good social atmosphere in the guild which welcomes new members to partake in guild chat and organise dungeons, transmog, mount runs, etc. A few members of the guild also get involved with PvP. Our TeamSpeak server has people on to talk to outside of raids at most times of the day (and night/very early morning!) and we also tend to wind down after raids too.

    Still interested? Continue on to our website (http://converge-guild.com), you'll find more information about us, our rules and expectations of members and how to apply all on our public forum.

    We love having chats! Get in touch over Battle Tag if you want to talk to us on a more personal level: Strafelord#2344 or Joe#11158

    We look forward to hearing from you!
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    Lei Shen down! We're looking to trial some people during ToT farm for SoO!! (Don't worry if you have ~510-520 gear!)

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    Currently looking for 1-2 good warlocks!
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    Recruitment status has been updated!

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    Still looking for warlocks, also open to Shadow Priests and boomkins


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    9 bosses dead in our first SoO raid! Updated recruitment to better reflect our current needs :]

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    Normals complete! Come join us for heroics

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    Still looking for the same players for recruitment! Currently 7/14H. Our 25 man rank has gone up 50 places so far from last tier; come help us improve upon it!
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    Recruitment updated!

    - - - Updated - - -

    8/14HC - woot!

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    Malkorok now dead too =D

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    Spoils and Thok dead! Siegecrafter Cockblockfuse coming up!

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    Our raid team is now complete but we're still looking for apps for WoD and beyond!

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    Bamp. /10chars

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