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    Need more details on Censer of Eternal Agony and Bloody Coins

    Anyone have any further details on how this works? I quit aprox a year ago and something like this might actually bring me back but I'm not seeing a lot of information about how it actually works.

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    Using it makes you hostile to both Alliance and Horde no matter which faction you're on... so flagging you for PvP except both sides can attack you. You can only attack others with PvP on or others using the Censer. You get a bloody coin each time you kill someone, and those are spent on rewards like the Mushan mount etc. It says all of this on the item itself and the front page.

    EDIT: Oh and if you're killed then the buff wears off.

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    You becomes neutral with all NPCs on the island, but enemy to ALL players, including those on your own faction. Killing people while under this effect grants the coins.
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    Fuck you, Blizzard. I was planning to quit the game out of boredom and then you introduce something amazing like this. TAKE ALL MY MONEY.
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    The real question is, are people just going to form gank squads and farm all day, or will you be red to ALL people including group mates? The latter would be ideal.
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