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    Websites for blood tanks.

    Hello, I just very recently came back to wow. I am having trouble finding websites where I can read up more on my spec and see other Blood tanks opinions on fights, New tricks they use etc. Pwnwear.com Used to be my main web site for that and sadly as I have seen, its no longer updated. Can someone help me find a similar web site?

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    This forum probably has the most discussion about a variety of different topics. Reniat's stickied guide is very good, just keep in mind it is aimed at those who value survivability above all else. Most people will do very well to follow his guide, and the people who don't generally know what they are doing and why they are doing it. There can be some clutter here of people asking questions that have been posted over and over again, but the mods do a great job of cleaning these up.

    For the most in-depth resource in a single spot (in my opinion), go to the Blood DK thread in the Elitist Jerks Death Knight forum. Tyvi's OP and all of the discussion that takes place in the thread is extremely valuable. That is also where most discussion about cutting edge theorycrafting and testing new ideas takes place. I strongly recommend reading that entire thread if you haven't, though you can mostly ignore the stuff regarding T14 fights.

    For a basic guide to get up to speed, the Blood DK guide on Icy Veins is a good resource.

    That's pretty much where most of the worthwhile Blood DK discussion takes place these days. Nothing's really changed mechanically since 5.3 came out (May 21), and the most recent raid tier has been out since 5.2 (March 5), so it's worthwhile to go back and read posts starting from around then until now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cryopathy View Post
    Reniat's stickied guide is very good, just keep in mind it is aimed at those who value survivability above all else.
    I would like to point out that there is a blood DPS section in the sticky. It's just not the "default" recommended setup so it has its own section.

    pwnwear is unfortunately pretty much dead. I kept my guide (same thing that's stickied here) there for a while in hopes that it would help their efforts to get back alive, but it didn't quite catch. It was a great resource, but all good things come to an end eventually, especially when it's basically only run by 1 guy (gravity).

    If you really want to get into the DK theorycrafting community for all specs, #acherus is the place to go. The vast majority of DK theorycrafters for all specs are involved with #Acherus.
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