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    While Ele shaman is indeed easy, you actually have to watch for procs/stacks.
    No.. ele shaman is far more difficult than a frost mage.

    That spec is such a joke. What's the rotation going to be in the next patch? They're removing frostbolt stacks, ice lancing? (and elemental freeze afaik). It was already the easiest spec in the game, why nerf the playstyle even more?

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    It depends really on what you consider faceroll. I think all classes are easy to play, hard to master, as in... having the ability to perform at a really top level.

    There are some classes that you can pickup fairly quickly and easily and do pretty decently at, i would say frost DK was the easiest i found to pick up and go ok, this, this and this. done. and perform at a decent level.
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    Personally I find frost DK and survival hunter to be extremely easy to hit good numbers on, more so than any other class I've played.

    Can't for the life of me get decent numbers out of a spriest or a boomkin, unless it's a 2-3 boss fight. I've played very little Rogue or Warlock but I've tried pretty well most classes at 85+ (some a lot more than others).

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    I think retribution is pretty easy. Just a priorty list. No DoTs to keep up, unless you're multi-dotting censure, keep up inq. The only 'hard' thing to 'master' is cooldown usage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by judgementofantonidas View Post
    only post what I have tested and done. not even trying to imply it is the proper way, but it is easily doable in any normal content.

    and here is the kicker for idiots that took frost tanking away, you can easily dual wield tank in blood as well now. it just doesnt matter.
    DW tanking is only not viable on a dk because of the damage difference between a 2h and 2 one handers, and the threat vs other tanks. If you really can come here and say you out threat other tanks using two one handers, you are doing yourself a disservice by playing with lower caliber players. You could say the same about tanking on a pally using thunderfury, it's just about as viable.

    My point originally was, as a tank, you can practically get away with doing anything this tier in normals at 530 gear level simply because you outgear the content. I've accidentally killed bosses on both reg and heroic with a safari hat on.
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    Assassination rogue. The difference between an optimal played one and a semi-decently played one is almost non-existant.
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    yea assassin rogue , that's why I love it

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    I have 6 90's with 3 being over 530ilvl, every class/spec have same feeling. Standard 5 button rotation plus one or two cooldown buttons for pve.
    Go level few 90s and see it for yourself.

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    Outside of combustion, I would say my firemage. But omg getting the perfect combustion... I dunno, I suck at the timing.
    Destro lock isn't too hard either, good thing it isn't best dps atm, or I would be bored out of my mind.

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    5.4 Arms Warrior.

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    Shadow Priests & Elemental Shamans are both very easy to learn, and do quite well in.
    Mastering them, is as hard as any other class imo.

    There's a difference between playing your class, and mastering your class.

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    ^ how is it hard as ele? Genuine curiosity, since I've only pvp'd as ele and don't trust icyveins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ravingmad View Post
    Blood Death Knight.
    Blood has a really high skillcap, though if you wana stay in normal t14 then yeah go ahead and spam DS and you are fine.

    Quote Originally Posted by DoubleT View Post
    imo, Frost DK.
    While I won't give Frost more credit then it's due, it's not as easy as some make it out to be. You "can" master it to do better then just someone who gives it a whirl, though overall it's not something you worry about too much rotation wise

    I would say Ele Shammy. They are fun and all, I mean I really love the spec and I wana level another shammy to play it, but really it's simple.

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    Elemental Shaman lol.
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    2h you at least have to use a swing timer to maximize your dps. dual wield you just alternate howling blast and then frost strike dumps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snaxattax View Post
    2h you at least have to use a swing timer to maximize your dps.
    which has been proven to make a miniscule difference that it's not worth it

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Skye View Post
    I think retribution is pretty easy. Just a priorty list. No DoTs to keep up, unless you're multi-dotting censure, keep up inq. The only 'hard' thing to 'master' is cooldown usage.
    I agree that the lack of any high maintenance abilities is pretty simple. Ret does have a pretty extensive ability priority list, though, especially with 5.4 4pc. Throw in DP and it can get pretty hectic. It's probably not the most challenging but it's far from easiest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kylecat15 View Post
    Might want to pick a class that is actually doing high numbers bud.
    You can't do high numbers with your hunter? Might want to reroll. I do high numbers with my hunter and I definitely don't really know how to play it. It's my 4-5th alt (a tie I guess).

    Out of my raiding chars ... a mage, hunter, ele sham, warlock, monk, and dk I'd go in order of faceroll easy dps hunter > mage > ele sham > monk > warlock

    I do the most damage on the warlock, but I see ppl do terrible damage on them the most frequently. Before I worked with another warlock in my guild who is 516 ilvl he was doing 60k dps. Now he's doing 140k. I don't think it's possible to do less than 100k dps on a hunter over 500 ilvl.

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    Fire mage post Combustion nerf.

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