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    You know if they just made the class actually be minutely like what the specializations say I'd be ecstatic.
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    Not yet.. might wait untill news about next xpack before I decide to reroll..

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    Quote Originally Posted by aGit View Post
    nope, still here. I'm not one to abandon ship at the first sight of bad news.
    First sign? Where have you been, son?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Master Guns View Post
    First sign? Where have you been, son?
    I've been around since tbc. I've tanked with every class but the warrior is the one that i like and still do. We might have hit a bit of a rough patch but what would i switch to? none of the other classes match the awesomeness that is the protection warrior. So yeah, still here and not planing on going anywhere until i quit this game entirely.

    on another note, why the condescending attitude, son?

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    My very first toon, back in late vanilla, was a warrior. (Back when I had no clue how to play.) I played as a warrior into BC, got to 70 and abandoned that toon in favor of my priest, never looked back.
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    Warrior for almost 9 years and counting.

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    I still have my Warrior. He's on the bench mostly for mechanic reasons and silly reasons I'd rather not say.

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    While I'm mildly frustrated at the lack of spots for DPS warriors (Melee in general actually) in raids and our rather...uh...sub-par performance this season in PvP there's no way I'm moving away from my main.

    However this patch I played my Shadow Priest quite a bit;
    And that priest may be seeing more raid time than my warrior and RBG time next patch.

    It's an awkward feeling but I honestly just have no idea what's going to happen.
    But unless my warrior is absolutely gutted for PvP again this upcoming patch - It's still my main.

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    Oddly enough, my War has been my main focus since I started my sub back up a few weeks ago. I've spent more time and gold gearing, gemming, reforging and enchanting him than any of my others. I tried my mage, lock, pally, none of them felt fun anymore. I used to LOVE being an afflic lock, but they've changed the spec so freaking much I feel like I hit like a wet noodle. Ever since Arcane dropped from top dog, I haven't felt the need to play my mage anymore, and I've never really liked my pally. I run random heroics on my priest on occasions though, but my war and my DK get the most play. DK though is mostly used for farming old raids for mounts and stuff. War I actually geared up and run heroics and do stuff with. Really enjoying Fury right now.
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    i cant get myself to play another class besides warrior (my main since vanilla)
    2 back to back xpacs with arms warriors being horrible in pvp was too much for me to take. so for now i quit the game until things start to look better again.

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    Kinda? I still play 'em from time to time but they feel a bit weaker to me somehow, either that or I've grown less attracted to the class since TBC. Which is entirely possible.

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    bad dps, ugly sets in pandaria, but still i love my warr. W8ing for huge changes in next patches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ringpriest View Post
    My very first toon, back in late vanilla, was a warrior. (Back when I had no clue how to play.) I played as a warrior into BC, got to 70 and abandoned that toon in favor of my priest, never looked back.
    Why are you here? Or do you mean never looked back to playing it as a main?

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