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    Won't Recognize Formatting


    I've recently built a PC and got it working. In this new PC I had a 320 GB hard drive for windows and a 1TB drive for media. I formatted the 1TB drive on a different computer and transferred some files over to it. I then took the 1TB drive and put it in the new PC. The new PC is recognizing the hard drive, but not that it has already been formatted and requires it to be formatted, which will lose all the data already stored on it. How can I get the new PC to recognize the hard drive format without having to reformat it? Thanks!

    It might be worth noting that I formatted the drive as a NTFS system on a Windows 7 machine and now it is running in the new PC which is running Windows 8.

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    I would double check that the old system recognizes the drive. It almost sounds like you removed the drive incorrectly, and corrupted the file system in the process. That's just my first thought, and not necessarily the issue. In theory, there should be no issues doing what you did.
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    Thank you chazus! You've been a lot of help.

    I put the hard drive back in the big PC and it did not recognize the formatting. I'm currently reformatting and copying the media over. Hopefully it will work this time!

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