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    Cancelling Alter Time Early - Combustion Change

    Most recommendations are that you cancel Alter Time early when you run out of instant Pyroblasts, with the intention being you maximize your Combustion damage this way. With the coming nerf to Combustion, will the damage be higher if you let your Alter Time run its full course, adding the extra seconds to your procs?

    At least on the initial burst off the pull, with all/most procs up, cancelling your AT early cuts the extra seconds off those procs that you would gain by letting it end on its own. Given the randomness of crit, maybe this is too grey an area to predict, but I was just wondering if it had already been considered.

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    Even with the changes you are going to want to cancel your AT early as fire.
    Pyroblast! > Pyroblast > Fireball in terms of damage. Sure you might lose a few seconds of proc time but in all but extremely rare cases throwing out another fireball will do nothing but lower your ignite.

    Hell in my gear I, when I was fire, I would be lucky to get all my pyro chain out before the AT finished itself naturally.

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    Seeing that IF you crit all of your spells you could potentially gain 1 pyro + 1 HS pyro from not cancelling, then it might be worth to not cancel it, but combustion will still be doing fairly high damage, not crazy though, but still it's big enough number to bet big on it, rather than getting around 500k more guaranteed damage..

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    and how about increasing trinket procs for 6 sec ?

    Wushoolay on 7 stacks + whatever 2nd trinket.. + hero 6 secs..
    Sounds better than 1 extra pyro for 20% combustion.

    I actually don't play mage, just an idea..

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