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    Why do mods keep closing the '3 man CM golds' threads?

    Really silly when people are trying to show off a great accomplishment like that.
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    Someone sounds very angry.

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    Not angry, just telling the truth how it is. It's sad to see abuse of power like this on forums. People are playing the game and generating content and trying to share it, and you have retarded power-hungry moderators preventing it from being shared for really asinine and stupid reasons.

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    I love your user name OP... It's the perfect epitomy of irony.

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    Because in the youtube description of the videos they are advertising a boosting service which is against forum rules.
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    the name...the post...the irony

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    The mods post a reason why they close the threads. Silly child.

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    because they're doing it to advertise their services. which is against forum rules.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StopYourWhining View Post
    . It's sad to see abuse of power like this on forums.
    lol you might wanna read up on rules first buddy
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    We post a reason why a thread is closed. In this case, the video also advertises boosting services, something that is forbidden here. We don't allow advertising.

    If you feel a mistake has been made in moderation, please send a private message to Sunshine, who handles moderator complaints. Creating a thread about it serves no purpose.

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