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    Shadowy recall(priest mastery)

    Hello guys,
    Just wanted to make sure. Is the shadowy recall supposed to do the double dmg based on dot snapshots? Now on live and on ptr shadowy recall is doing less dmg than the snapshoted stats. For example im getting snapshoted hits for 27k and mastery hits for 16k. Is it supposed to work like this? If you ask me it is not working as intended:

    Mastery: Shadowy Recall
    Requires Priest (Shadow)
    Requires level 80
    Gives your periodic shadow damage spells a 14% chance to deal damage twice, each time they deal damage.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Mastery dmg isn't based on dot snapshop, it uses your current stats everytime it procs. The only stat considered as snapshotted can be haste because it increases tick rate.

    Mastery damage from Shadow Word Pain casted with 100% crit won't have 100% crit chance as well as mastery dmg from Mind flay: Instanity casted at the last 0.5s of Devouring plague will do only normal mind flay dmg.
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    It doesn't snapshot at all. It is considered a seperately hitting spell and will calculate it's damage on your current stats. It even is directional. Try doing Sha of Fear or Iron Qon with the reflective shields. It will "miss" if you're having the shield inbetween you and the mob, even if your SWP and VT are rolling.

    I can have it's good sides too, since the Pink Dino on Horridon will get knocked back from mastery ticks too, whereas normal dot ticks won't do this.

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