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    No. I never saw a video game sprite as an act of pledging my allegiance to anything. I'm not pledging allegiance to Ken by not choosing Ryu. I just make characters on both sides of the faction line to see the whole game.

    It's a vidjya game, not a revolutionary political movement.
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    Many times... especially in Vanilla. I rolled Horde originally and HATED the Alliance, and then switched to Alliance and ended up HATING the Horde.

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    No. Never.

    Horde for life, baby. Yeah.

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    I started playing Alliance because all my friends did, and like most, always wondered about the other side. Before TBC hit I started playing a Troll Shaman who became my main shortly after TBC and throughout the xpac. The grass wasn't really any more green on the other side and I've been playing both sides ever since.

    They both have their ups and downs.

    That being said, I'd probably go Horde and never come back if Horde had Dark Iron Dwarves or something.

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    I started as Alliance because of a friend of mine. It turns out he was a douche. I ended up quitting WoW a while after that, only to pick it back up when I met a cool guy who played. He was Horde, so I rolled a horde toon. Then he quit, so I didn't quite know what to do. I ended up finding a small raiding guild while Ulduar was current. I've been with them since then, they are my family now!

    But I do somewhat regret it because I met another awesome guy who plays WoW, but he's on the Alliance side. We always give each other heck for being the wrong faction. Maybe someday I can have both my WoW family and play with this other friend of mine. Time will tell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Combatbulter View Post
    They could have exterminated them back then, but chose not to, the orcs were rightfully imprisoned, after all they ravaged almost all of the eastern kingdoms. The only mistake the humans made was treating the orc children poorly, who are now firmly supporting Hellscream.

    The Alliance is not evil, their very core is the moral highground and most of the time they keep it, once in a while they fall, but overall they uphold their principals.
    Yes, but Alliance is not Good nor is Horde Bad, minus Hellscream, but no one likes him. I miss the depressed Hellscream. Anyway. People need to stop saying Alliance is good and Horde is bad, or else so help me, I will rise and the Grimtotem will strike you all down and give your worthless remains to the Forsaken. Also, bananas.

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    No. For the Horde! Lok'tar Ogar!

    I have played as Alliance just to see their quests. Needless to say, that made me love the Horde even more.

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    yes, I bound my druid to moonglade and started hugging nightelves during cataclysm. Everyone following Garrosh and Varian made me want to start a new druid&shaman faction and let the two idiots fight there war somewhere else.
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