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    Can't remember many specific bosses for sure, but there's been a few times. One was during a 1 tanking (Pally if I remember correctly) madness LFR fight (cat druid qued tank, started the fight then left). Tank died once near the start, I used my Brez, once on the third platform (only other brezzer used his), then he died a third time just as the final phase started. People started dropping from adds. It was a tense 15 seconds, but thankfully the CD on my brez finished up so I was able to get the tank up (though I died in the process) and he went and picked up the adds just in time.

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    My guild's first heroic horridon kill, we killed it after exactly 1 minute AFTER the enrage timer, when he died he was casting the final dire call that would wipe us.

    The ramblings at the end is in portuguese. It's stuff like "kill it kill it or we're fucked, wipe already."
    It was terrible. I'm the frost mage.

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    Vanilla WoW, either Garr or Baron Geddon. One of our mages, Brioni I think her name was, was the last person alive and she killed the boss with arcane missiles just as it killed her. Would love to provide a video of that. I saw a screenshot of it recently, I'll see if I can find it, just have to remember where I saw it.

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    Does this count as a "wipe" or a "near wipe"?

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    My first HC Grand Empress kill, our first time in P3. If you pay attention you can see the Purgatory debuff fades just as it's about to proc again. It was all planned, ofc. <_<

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    I don't have a screenshot (lost it when I formatted my PC) but the first time I did Obsidian Sanctum 25-man (normal) I was the main tank, and the only one left alive, and I actually died before the boss, but the boss died anyway because of my pally seal dots.

    Man I wish I kept that screenshot.
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    First two kills of 25 man Heroic Ambershaper was a double KO, the last member died almost the same second that he did.

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    Shade of Aran. As we get him low we're only 2 guys left. Polymorph is cast, but for some reason I don't get affected and I manage to deal with finishing touch.

    Another one I suppose might be Kael'thas in Terrace. The entire group, but myself die at the start of phase 2 and I do the entire fight solo from 50% by dotting and keeping myself alive with drain life. The pet dropped after that and everyone agreed that I deserved it. =)

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    Heroic rotface progression. Everyone dead except me...pally tank. I managed to solo the last 3% with a bubble and some heals from myself..epic shit

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    Wiped to Leotheras the Blind at 2% on our last attempt of the evening. Unfortunately, it was also my last night with that raid group thanks to my new job.

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    "guys, i've got this"

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    My raid team's General Vezax kill in Ulduar.

    The last player standing was a resto druid.

    The druid, while still in tree form, dodged Vezax's first attack and melee'd him for the killing blow before Vezax could attack a second time.

    Treeslapped =)
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    It stings and burns ><
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    I can't recall if we then proceeded to get him on the next attempt... or wipe for two hours with ever increasing desperation.

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    I'll never forget my closest encounter. Back in Vanilla, we had killed Patchwerk like twice before...but we decided to play very poorly that week and hit the enrage timer. Due to an Asian guild kiting him around the spider wing LONG past his enrage with an army of mages, Blizzard had changed his enrage from just hitting harder/ shooting an aoe of poison bolts. The bolts hurt a lot. The first shot killed all but a single hunter named Tornados. Tornados shot Patchwerk as Patchwerk shot Tornados and they died simultaneously. It's not the only kill in the world that ended with everyone dead, but it's pretty much impossible to get any closer to wiping when you kill a boss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Endemonadia View Post
    The most famous close boss kill EVER on Draenor EU was the best guild to grace that realm - Chimaera - and their realm first LK Heroic kill 25man. 2 guys alive!!!

    U wanna watch it from about 7mins in

    This might not class as the closest but maybe its the most famous because its for a realm first???... just sayin
    This is gold.
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    this tier:
    One of our farm kills of DA (lol farm) the boss died as he despawned, so we had no loot until we ticketed it.

    Lei Shen had one or two people alive. (that's not me) ;p PS don't click if you can't hear cuss words

    Also eff 10 man kills with close to no one alive, no where near as epic when it dies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sleivert View Post
    For me it's method lei shen world first:
    You should watch Method's Durumu video.

    For what I've actually seen (and not just on YouTube), I've had several kills with only one person standing. Don't think I've had a kill where everyone died though. This tier Council (~3 people alive) was a good one.

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    i'm sure there are a ton, this is my personal closest wipe to a kill

    and yes Cokadìn is my character, accent grave on the i

    <3 coca cola coladin would of looked weird...
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    Shannox kill in Firelands, about 3 weeks in. Tank died, and I tanked it (shadow priest) from 30% to dead. I was the last one living on kill.

    It led to this image being made.
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    My first raid in Karazhan.

    We were on Attumen the Huntsman, and everyone died except pally healer... then she died... then Attumen died from a warlock DoT... no lies. It was epic

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