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    You're focusing on the Bell, I'm talking about the Mana Bomb and the very active role Blood Elves played in the original assault on Theramore, ably assisted by Thalen Songweaver. Jaina's only mistake was not breaking neutrality at that point, leaving the Sunreavers to break it themselves once again with the Divine Bell.
    Varian was well aware of the role of the blood elves played in Theramore and it didn't bother him at all to negotiate with them, not to mention it was no warcrime.

    Heroic? He's not even so much a villain as a fool who's way out of his depth. About the only redeeming quality is that he realises it, because everything he does wrong and goes wrong is because he's constantly being usurped. If that's happening with such catastrophic effects with such frequency, you've got to wonder why - and that's because he's obviously a bad leader.
    Interesting if we go by this standard every last leader is utterly terrible, especially Jaina, Varian, Moira, Sylvanas, Baine, Malfurion

    Again, they did it twice. They had their chance after Theramore because it was "just one guy"... It turned out not to be thanks to the Divine Bell episode. Just how many chances should Jaina have given them? I mean it's pretty strongly implied that Aethas knew everything during the scene where Lor'theron denies all knowledge on the Isle of Thunder.
    Human members of the Kirin tor never betrayed them more than once right? Even with their recent treachery the sunreavers do not come close to to human traitors among the Kirn Tor.

    And Thalen Songweaver was acting directly under Garrosh's orders when he helped the Horde breach Theramore's walls. How many others? How many times is "it's just a that guy" going to wash as an excuse? I don't think anyone had the luxury of patience at that point.
    Which is why the purge was legitimate course of actions from Jaina's standpoint and it was still unacceptable from Lor'themar's.

    What Stormwind soldiers Jaina was using? She'd kept neutral right up until that point, and thought the Sunreavers were doing the same - until the second time their agents were caught using Dalaran under Garrosh's orders. She then used the Silver Covenant, who were also neutral, to round up the Sunreavers while things were investigated. Some fought back, what are you going to do?
    If you didn't do both sides you are hardly qualified to judge to be honest. She did use Stormwind troops.

    I'm not expecting omniscience, but when a bunch of your guys screw up and get caught not following instructions (or following someone else's instructions), when your expedition commander is blown up in suspicious circumstances... You really have to start asking questions. Instead, he just cries and calls Jaina a bitch for calling them out and kicking them out of Dalaran.
    Because of what he was told, Rommath and Aethas told them their version

    And do you really think that if the relatively small number of Sunreavers can't keep neutrality, that the much larger part of his forces would really follow him in switching sides?!
    Since they followed him under the banner of the horde,against their former allies, yes I do believe so.

    Well I don't think they could work with, or boss around Lor'themar, Gallywix or Sylvannas as puppets; because Lor'themar and Gallywix just don't have command of their own people, and Sylvannas is just Sylvannas and creates her excuses to do her own thing anyway.
    No leader in wow has full control over their people and that you actually expect it is rather funny. Of course you can blame him for all this but it won't change anything. Just like Varian failed the defias

    Quote Originally Posted by Jessicka View Post
    I want losses recovered, and yes, punishments for what was commited in Garrosh's name by his subservients should be carried out. Justice is very important in politics at all levels; it's what politics is founded on. It should be shown what the in-fighting has cost the Horde. It's utterly nonsensicle for them to be able to continue "business as usual".
    Justice important, in global politics? Sorry but that is utterly bullshit, just look at how our world works, it is based on exploit and you tell me about justice playing an important part, that is incredibly naive.
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