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    [H] #Fish - Frostmourne - Lf Beautiful People for Raiding!

    Hey there,

    Fish is a new guild on Frostmourne Horde, and are seeking raiders (and casuals) to join us and go hard on 5.4 content.

    If you don't have the things needed for a strong guild app, but have a well prepared character, then here is your ticket.

    Returning skilled raiders, this is your opportunity.

    For more information, please refer to the guild thread below:

    Rock on.

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    Just a note to anyone adding Relaxed on bnet this weekend that his home internet is down until monday, so there's a lower chance of response from him until then.

    Alternatively you could PM me, or add me on Eschaton#1725.

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    Im in a wheelchair would that be a problem?

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