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    This change is nothing if not good, and I feel like people imagining this somehow reduces effectiveness of healing do not understand the concept. If everyone is at 30% health and you have more than one healer using an aoe smart heal (or one healer using two back to back) then 6 people will get healed on the first cast, and 6 on the second including the four who didnt catch the first (their health was lowest on second cast). If not everyone was at exactly the same health then it would be hitting the people with the lowest and therefor most in danger of dying. I would prefer 100% of my healing to hit people who are near death to having 60% of hit hit them and 40% top off people at 90% (who probably get overhealed but take an equal percent of the healing the low guys get.)

    And healing all these guardians is definitely a large part of the problem too, but I doubt anyone cares about that.

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    If this is what was required to fix the input lag then they should absolutely do it as playing the game the last few months has been so frustrating.

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    Anyone find that it still isn't good enough for stacked up fights?

    in fights were the 25 man raid is stacking, all the healers ofc all pop their AoE heals and although it is better than before, is still giving serious input lag (very noticeable when looking at my dps / casts per timeframe. )

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    Warlocks everywhere crying out in pain at the future of dead imps.

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