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    I can't hold all these Scrolls of Wisdom

    So from farming dailies I have stacks on stacks on stacks of these scrolls. What am I expected to do with them beyond making weapons that I don't need nor want? Anyone know of any decent ways of getting rid of them without just deleting them?

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    Yes, make cards for DMF and make decks (and turn them into trinkets) to sell. On my server they still sell from 3.5-8.5k per.

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    I find the off-hands still sell reasonably well (1.2-1.5k per).
    With the setup of Timeless isle not having any weapons/offhand tokens.

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    With my alt being a non-geared profession toon, i find Spirits of Harmony to be the most valuable commodity when crafting using these.
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    How are you getting stacks and stacks of them? Do mobs drop them now?

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    I know what you mean. I have 6 stacks of them on my Warlock and I dont even do the cd daily.

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    Yes, make cards for DMF and make decks (and turn them into trinkets) to sell.
    This. Best way to spend them, imo.
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    Unfortunately there isn't much you can do with them but make cards.

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    Once you've learned all the glyph techniques, there practically zero point in continuing to do the daily. I keep about 10 on hand just in case someone in the guild needs an OH for a newly leveled alt. Unfortunately, none of the above mentioned items sell on my backwater realm.
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    Some servers might see some sales for the off-hand/DMCs, but the profit really isn't enough to justify continue making them imo.

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    yeah i find i have a lot of useless mats too

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